Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, John David!

The party boys!

The wind was blowing so much that we had to be creative w/ the b-day candles:-)

Hudson was pushing my hand so the cupcake would go faster in his mouth....he inhaled it.

The big surprise!! "Monster Truck"
If you look closely you can see that Brogan has a finger in his nose and J has his tongue out! We were laughing thinking abt. when they will all be 16!!

This was their expressions as soon as J stepped on the pedal!

J gets abt. three weeks of b-day celebrations! We had a little "party" on his actual b-day w/ just the four of us...then we had his b-day party picnic...and then when my parents get here on Monday, the celebration will continue!
Kase, Kobe, Kali, Karli, and Kloe....John David kept asking if you guys could come to his party! We all missed having you guys! We love you and can't wait to see you soon!
You'll all be able to meet your new cousin next time I get to see you guys! yah!!!


Treasure Hunter said...

He may be a little confused when we have another "party" this summer for him, but I don't think he'll complain. I LOVE the truck. I can totally see those guys at 16!

sarah said...

Looks like a fun bday! Will is SO into monster trucks! Maybe we will have the babies on the same day :). Thought you were having yours yesterday, was praying... will continue to pray you have a safe delivery. So nice to have family in town isn't it? My mom comes on Tuesday! God bless you guys!