Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Undeserved Grace

The Lord is consistently putting us in situations that are deepening our love and affection for the undeserved grace of our Lord. The Lord has reminded me today of how the attitude of our speech has such an impact on our hearers. Especially as parents we have the power to bring a sense of defeat and worthlessness to our children by the tone of our voice. Today I was placed in one of those situations where Christ allowed me to see the vivid results of a mother's own voice- that there is true power that is hidden underneath what flows from our mouths. I was broken over the situation at hand and convicted over my own tone with my little boys. May our speech be continually full of grace- that undeserved, sweet sweet grace. Its like my soul can taste it's goodness. I want my little boys to get a taste of that from their mother's lips every time she opens her mouth. Fully truth. Fully grace. May we continually show our hearers and watchers this great gospel of undeserved grace- bought by the blood of God Himself. May the gospel be ever-growing and ever-sweetening in our lives.