Saturday, November 24, 2007

We miss you Grandma and Grandpa!!

Well, as everyone knows David and I both have amazing families who are always there to help us! Grandma and Grandpa came a long ways to be with us and help us through the first couple of days with the newest Gossett! We wanted to say thank you and that we already miss you both tons and tons!! We know that such great families are precious gifts from our Lord! We pray we won't take it for granted one single moment! We miss you both!!

*/ Thanks for sleeping in the car, Grandma and Grandpa!! Although, Daddy, I do think you are a bit of a faker in this picture:-)
That's right- all night Monday night they slept in the car to make sure they didn't miss the delivery! They said they had driven and flown too far to miss it now :-)~
John David had tons of fun with you guys too!! He tells me to tell you to come back soon:-)

I love this one!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

There's nothing like being home with our two boys. John David has adjusted great! He goes around putting his arms up towards Hudson saying "Be"...the end of baby(he hasn't dared the word Hudson yet).... wanting to hold his baby brother! The Lord has blessed us so abundantly.

David and I have a bedtime routine for John David where we read, pray, and sing. We always sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" last before we give goodnight kisses and leave. Every night as we sing, I think just how much Jesus really does love little children. The more I think about His love for my children, the more my love for them has grown. The Lord is so good to love us - His children.... Not with human love, but with a perfect love we can't even fathom. Thank you, Lord, for being this such love.
These pictures are in random order...sorry about that:-) But they're from leaving the hospital until we are Home!!

He's trying to escape w/ Hudson!!
The little run away!

Leaving the hospital...

Car is full!!
Isn't this adorable!?!

...And once again

So I had to put this one up here....Doesn't this make you laugh?! This was his outfit to wear home that I was just sure "looked so small it would have to fit!"
Getting ready to go!!
Grandma and Grandpa....We love you!!
( P.S I do know John David needed a hair brush before this picture...everyone was a bit preoccupied :-)~ )

Somehow I have to figure out how to get that paper towel machine out of this one:-)~

Hudson Scott Gossett

born 7:55 am Tuesday, November 13 2007.
5 lbs 14 oz. , 17 1/2 inches long
What a precious little gift from above. Thank you, Father.

After the circumcision.....Daddy's sympathy!! See the little tear?

Just minutes after he arrived!

He knew just the way to hold him!!

"What is going on???"

Thanks Aunt Kristy, Uncle Ryan, and Kali, Kobe, and Kase!!
I love this one...Grandma and Hudson.

The first bath...

Poor kid...hours after birth and we're torturing him to get some hand and foot prints!
There's something wrong with this picture!!


And this is just barely a fraction of the pics that were taken!!!

Monday night....

And sure enough, once again, it all paid off....Monday night about 10:30, my water breaks and we're off to the hospital!! It was a blast leaving in a rush...I told David on our 90 mph way there that he could slow down a bit, I didn't think we were in too big of a hurry he responded, "Emily, Just let me enjoy this..." :-)

Work Work Work!

After Rosie's, John David took a nap and we went to work! Unlike last time, I didn't have much of a list to finish before Hudson got here, but I had been waiting to cut back some flowers until Dad got here....just incase! Here we are working....

I figured these made me work a bit more....but, hey, at this point that's a good thing:-)

Then we went to walk walk walk!! First we went to the new outdoor mall here in town....

Then we went to the indoor mall... some icecream....
and played with John David....