Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alabama snow week!!!

This fall and winter have been a sickly one and a busy I have thoroughly enjoyed (minus the sickness) this past week. We got almost 9 inches of snow on Monday- it holds third place in recorded history of snows in AL!! I have not left the house all week...actually I got sick last Friday night and haven't left the house since....I did go outside to see the boys play and a few times to play and feed Lina. Tomorrow I am going to the dr. so David said I could have a few extra hours out and about! Schools have been closed all week- David went in today for a couple of hours, but mostly been working here at the house. The boys been a bit sick- we only let them play outside once...J asked me today when we were going to go back outside- that it had been 3 years since we had been out in the snow. ha. They have had bad colds but have passed something around that looks like pink eye too- so we have kept them cooped up inside for as much as possible. Anyways- no one cares about that! ha! Here's some pics of the snow in Alabama...and a couple inside "cabin fever" pics too!

Hudson was already not feeling well and then he got so frustrated he couldn't walk in the snow! He did loosen up a little bit when his uncles and Mel came over!

I really just wanted to make this moment special! David and Lina! (David's not a dog person...I was bragging on him later about picking her up and his response: "only with gloves"...ha)

You see Graham? He found his spot on the stairs where he could still walk!

I think someone is wanting to move into the big boy room...I'm so not ready for that....

Okay- so I have been frustrated with this table...really- just plain ticked off at it. For four years I have been cleaning out the ridges/grooves with the best new thing I could come up with (by the way- fruit kabob sticks are way better than toothbrushes or q-tips). This past year it seemed that everytime I would fix a meal for this table I would be thinking about cleaning these crazy grooves. So, I have had enough!! It was a terrible mess...the sanding...but there are now no more grooves...they are filled!!! I thought since we were snowed in I would have the time...well "time" is a bit different now than what it once was- with three crazy boys in tow...table is still not done...but it's only lacking a top coat of paint...I just hope the "filling" will last. Lesson learned- Don't ever buy a table with grooves- especially with messy little boys....seriously, what was I thinking??? The clean sweeping motion of a clorox wipe has never felt sweeter!!!!

much needed containment for Graham!!! ha!

Hudson has become quite the "trickster"...I really was freaked out for just a moment when I opened the drawer. I often find weird things in wierd places....just for a laugh. I love it...especially when J is cracking up with his head back and his hands on his belly. Then Hudson is nearby covering his sweet little mouth with his chubby little hands, pulling up his shoulders and then jerking his head back with laughter when I point to him...sometimes I just don't want them to grow up...

Sharing a "milkshake" (aka Ensure)

"It's been a good, restful week!"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

National Day of Prayer and Fasting in Haiti

Today is national day of prayer of fasting in Haiti. Let's join them in prayer.

Deut. 30: 19
...I have set before you life and death,
blessings and curses.
Now choose life so that
you and your children may live...
...hold fast to Him. For the Lord is your life....

Here's the video of the Festival of Hope- this will take you directly to it. (It's long, but you can fast foward...)

Haiti Festival Live Web Broadcast

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Remembering Haiti

The one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti is coming up this Wednesday. I pray that we wouldn't forget to pray for the people of this nation and for wisdom, guidance, courage, and compassion to those that are postitioned the best to help them. There was a Festival of Hope that Frankilin Graham was involved in that started today at 1:30. If you want to watch it, an archive of it will be on his website, after 5 tomorrow (I hope that is right, I missed the live version, so I'm going to check it out tomorrow too).

May we not forget that the same person who wrote in Romans 5:2, "...we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God" and Phil 4:4, "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" also said in Romans 9:2, "I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart." Paul was so concerned for others who weren't reconciled to Christ that he described it as sorrow and unceasing anguish! This picture of joy and sorrow is captivating to me. Picturing the anguish of Jesus in the garden and then in Hebrews 12:2 where it says about Christ, "...who for the joy set before him endured the cross." I don't understand it all, but there's a beauty in this that is beyond all that I have ever seen or imagined. The glimpses that I do understand brings beauty to my own heart. I pray David and I, along with the rest of the church family would be more and more concerned for our brothers and sisters right down the street from us, for our family members spread across the states, for those in Haiti, India, all across the world. That His glory, His renown, His kingdom-advancement would be our foundation for all that we do. And then the sweet faces of those who have the hope of Christ already in their life- may we not forget to pray for these precious people- our brothers and sisters. Just pray. To Listen and Linger in His presence- may the Holy Spirit pray through us! Why He has chosen us to be his chosen instruments is beyond me, but we are. We are His chosen instruments. What an honor. Don't rush Him. Linger. Linger in His presence. And "Pray Through!"