Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just a little...

Superhero...Graham has been wearing his cape almost everywhere:-)

Basketball....John David trying to help this little boy to shoot. J would cheer him on...."good job that was really close. You are getting better." The boy finally made it and was so excited!

Chillin... HUD on his way to Grandma and Grandpa's house!!!!! We woke them up a lil after 6 and they were smiling from ear to ear and practically ran to the car! We are driving the "Bama van" and the boys are thoroughly enjoying watching the TV! Thanks papaw and mamaw!

Here we come Grandma, Grandpa, Kali, Kloe, Kobe, Karli, Kase, Aunt Kristy and Ryan, Aunt Leah and Bur and lil baby "k"......can't wait!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Praying the worth of Christ to fall upon each of us. ADORE HIM today!

Pondering the beauty of the baby,

David, Emily and 'lil Gossett boys

Just thinking and praising

I was just thinking about my boys and thanking my Father for such good good gifts.

We have been so proud of J. He has had a broken collar bone but still cheering on his bball team. He was so tough but finally dad said no more and he had to sit out a couple of games. This last game he played and had such a great time! I love watching him laugh and have so much fun! He is so special to me! I love seeing how God works in him at such a young age.

Sweet Huddy! He ate three big slices of meat Iover's pizza at mellow mushroom the other day! I just want to eat him up!! :-) He makes me smile! He is the best snuggler in the entire world! He gives some good hugs and kisses too! He is such a good boy! We are so blessed!

Little gw! We had just finished baking a cake and he licked the icing before I had a chance to stop him! It makes me smile to think about how many times i say to this lil guy: "no wild-man graham, you gentleman graham" sometimes he will laugh and say "no mom, I just graham"...oh boy...graham is so much fun! I love his laugh and personality!

I trust our Father has such good plans for each of these boys. It's precious to me to think about how God will use these boys and their personalities and their strengths and weaknesses. Oh how I pray and long that Jesus would become their treasure. That the worth of Christ in their lives would make them bold, courageous, and so so humble. Father, mark these precious young boys for your kingdom. For your praise. Your glory. Your fame.

For you are worthy. Thank you, Jesus.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

From Cairo to Huntsville

Welcome to Egyptian Peppermint Tea! After vomiting all over the country a couple of kind Christian Egyptians urged me to drink this tea-I guess feeling empathy for me after seeing how terrible I looked! They took care of me so gently and kindly. It was a sweet reminder of the character of Christ being formed in His children all over this planet. The peppermint in the tea is suppose to be good for tummy aches. Before I was done drinking I was already feeling better. (My mom said it was like I was a wilted flower coming back to life!) Within a half hour or so I was feeling tremendously better! So I bought several boxes and brought them home with me. Sweet Blair was the first time I used it here. He finished the cup and was feeling better in about half hour too! I think you can buy it here at a health food place...I think it's worth stocking up in your pantry:-)

Our wonderful guide while in Egypt. He is emailing David to show him that I was being well taken care of.

Yum :-)