Tuesday, December 06, 2011

From Cairo to Huntsville

Welcome to Egyptian Peppermint Tea! After vomiting all over the country a couple of kind Christian Egyptians urged me to drink this tea-I guess feeling empathy for me after seeing how terrible I looked! They took care of me so gently and kindly. It was a sweet reminder of the character of Christ being formed in His children all over this planet. The peppermint in the tea is suppose to be good for tummy aches. Before I was done drinking I was already feeling better. (My mom said it was like I was a wilted flower coming back to life!) Within a half hour or so I was feeling tremendously better! So I bought several boxes and brought them home with me. Sweet Blair was the first time I used it here. He finished the cup and was feeling better in about half hour too! I think you can buy it here at a health food place...I think it's worth stocking up in your pantry:-)

Our wonderful guide while in Egypt. He is emailing David to show him that I was being well taken care of.

Yum :-)

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