Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fall Pictures at the Park!

WOW! Couldn't get any better than this!!

Fun! Fun! And More Fun!!

Cool Man Kobe hanging out!

Tunnel Adventures!

No hands!!!! (not really...)

Grandpa and Grandma's backyard is the coolest!!!!

John David loved the slides!!
Grandpa and John David!

Dear Daddy,

"I ate a biscuit with jelly for the first time today, daddy! I knew you would want to see me do it....I told mommy to put these pictures on here....I know you miss me and mommy...we miss you and love you bunches! We'll be back in a couple more days!! Grandma and Grandpa's house is really fun w/ all my cousins!!!"
"Kase and I have loads of fun together!"
"Aunt Kristy said I looked like a dog in this picture"

"Cousin Kloe loves to play with me! Sometimes she'll ride in Kobe's carseat w/ grandma and me!!"

"Well, daddy, these are all my cousins that I'm playing with this week! There's lots of them!"

"Here's mommy with g'ma, g'pa, Aunt Leah, and Aunt Kristy!"
"Here's my buddy Kase again! We have so much fun together! May he please come over to my house and play with me Daddy? "
I miss you Daddy! And Love you even more!
John David

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Cousin Adventures!

Kobe and Kloe dressing up like Grandma and Grandpa!
What a picture:-)
Cool shoes guys! Check out that grandpa style briefcase Kobe has.....

The two little dudes!
Isn't Kase adorable!!!??!!

Wanting the same toy ofcourse!
Little Mr. Big Teeth!

Bathtub fun!

Two big eyed little cuties!

Karli escaped all the tub fun....I guess she already thinks boys are yucky:-)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

John David and Mommy are in North Carolina for Thanksgiving! We got in about noon and went home to a packed house with TONS and TONS of wonderful food! YUM!! We ate and ate and played and played and then ate again!

the Babies!
Kase (7 months...just two weeks older than John David), Karli (14 months), and John David (7 months).
The cool swing Daddy (my daddy:-) , Ryan, and Terry made for all of us! This is Kristy and I with "no hands"...we do go higher than this...:-)

Pretty high!
The Heavy Duty Pushers!

The babies and their moms....we were so heavy we barely got off the ground!
The cool "Big Kids"...Kloe and Kobe!

the sisters.....leah's sporting a sweatshirt straight from daddy's closet! !

"Hey dude!"
This is about as high as we got w/ all of us! But, the babies loved it!!


And once again...

I love this one....that's Kobe on the left and Kali on the right!