Saturday, March 31, 2007

Here he comes!

David already has him practicing for some football!

And he's off!

He's given up on crawling now and is walking everywhere....he's only had one black eye so far!

I do understand that this shirt is entirely too small....I have now retired it after seeing these pictures! :-)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

His Word Runs Swiftly

As my heart is pounding and I'm sitting awe-struck of my God I have to shout it...shout just how beautiful is my Lord! His understanding is completely limitless. I praise Him that He is God and I am not. That He knows my every thought, my every hurt, my every moment of utter happiness, my every moment of being. How I long for Him and am satisfied and content and filled with Joy in His peresence! Praise Him! He is worthy! I have tasted that the Lord is good...nothing will seperate me from His love! He is my Savior. My Lord. My contentment. My rest. My energy. My heart's movement. The breath that formed the world whispers into my heart His power, beauty, and love. He tells me that He knows what is best for me and His law is for my good, that if I would listen and obey, not forgetting but paying attention that my peace would be like the rivers and my righteousness like the waves of the sea. He's telling me that He knows that I am but dust, but that He has given me everything I need for all life and godliness. That He is God. His hands are holding me. Those same hands that were pierced for me are holding me- His voice may twist me and strip me bare, but those hands. Oh those hands! He does nothing worthless. He twists and strips so we will all cry GLORY! Those hands are there. Spread wide. His voice is oh so gentle. His whisper. You are mine and I am yours. My understanding is so limited, but His- LIMITLESS. I just am overcome by His beauty. As I sit here in wonder of all His deeds, who He is...I pray I would look to the unseen. For I know He is alive and at work. I know I am loved. Praise Him!! The rocks will not cry out in my place! He is God and there is none like Him. I am but the clay. He is the potter. How could I turn things upside down? He wants me to seek Him! He has not told us this so I would seek Him in vain. He has spoken the truth. Believe. I have found the Word and when it was found I did eat it. It was the joy and rejoicing of mine heart. He is doing new things! Percieve it! He is making ways in the wasteland and streams in the desert. He has made the sand a boundary for the sea. How can we not tremble? He will quiet us with His love and rejoice over us with singing. In quiteness and trust is our strength. For we are to God the aroma of Christ. Who are we? I must believe. God help me overcome my unbelief!

In view off How beautiful and powerful our God is, we would love to invite you guys to continue to pray for our tiny unborn baby. I have experienced a bit of trouble with the pregnancy thus far. Now, we are in a waiting see if the baby will continue to develop. We went to the doctor and things looked "weak " as they put it. What encouragement the words of our Savior brings..."In weakness I am strong." As we wait on Him during this time, walking in the ways of His laws, His name and renown are the desires of our hearts. Jesus' words "It is for God's glory so that the Lord may be glorified through it" brings such a smile to my face. For a display of His splendor. How great He truly is. Our earthly eyes see the way things seem to be, but until we look into the invisible we see not the way things truly are. With spiritual eyes, we look on the invisible. The invisible hand of the Almighty. Invisible, perhaps, but far, very far from unseen.

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Neighborhood Ride!

David got John David and I a new bike and trailer for Valentines Day! Exactly what
we wanted:-) We finally put it together!
I think they were both a bit unsure of what was ahead!
There we go!
They both loved it!! Emma asked if we could do it tomorrow too!
I think John David thinks he's turning six instead of one:-)
Daddy's turn!
Looks like he's out on his first date! ha!

And daddy says, "You won't ever figure them out!" :-)

John David's favorite!

We found a great little spot for our little JDP!

A quick little learner!

Daddy thinks that John David really wanted to watch the basketball game while he ate! He insisted:-) Like father like son, huh?! But don't worry, daddy was generous and put a towel down to catch the flying food!

We found one of John David's favorite meals!
Spaghetti is definitely not an over the carpet meal:-)

Happy Birthday David!!!

DAVID's 25!!!!!

Uncle John got to brush John David's teeth! It's hilarious b/c as soon as you put your finger in there to brush them...John David gets those teeth and chomps down! David likes to make it a game to find out who's the quickest Daddy or John David!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Straight from the Throne of the Almighty....

"In His will is the most amazing place to be- no matter where that takes you!" I'm so thrilled to say that once again, the Lord has given us a new little life inside of me. Yesterday we found out we were pregnant again! We invite you to pray with us that this pregnancy will end with a baby in our arms in 9 months! We are filled with a happiness that can only come from the greatness of our Lord. He is our joy, through whatever times may bring, but I'm so thankful that He brings not only peaceful, steady joy...but He also is God of the pure happiness of life. Our smiles, laughter, and pure happiness come straight from the Throne of the Almighty! Praise Him!

Our deservance is nothing. Our God is everything. It's not about us, It's all about Him! I stand in awe. I bow in humilty. He lifts me up and sets me on the heights...He enables me to fly in Him.

"The Voice of the Lord twists the oaks and strips the forest bare. And in His temple all cry, 'Glory!'"- Psalm 29:9

Monday, March 12, 2007

Afternoon Adventures!

David, John David, and I went on an adventure this Saturday! We went to the park and played...laughed and giggled...we had a great time! We also went "hiking" up to a huge cross here in Huntsville. We've seen it many times driving and wanted to take John David up to see it. We just had tons and tons of fun! It was a great weekend!
John David is having a ball!!

I love this!

We took a little short cut on the road!

This slide was a bit steeper than what we both were expecting:-) John David was going down it all by himself at the end of the day...I'd drop him and Daddy would catch him:-)

The cross....

John's home!!

We're so excited John's back home for Spring break! All the Gossett boys are back together! This is just a little peak into their day!

Thank you!!

Uncle Frank, Aunt Pam, Ali, Treacy, Christy and Brady,
Thank you guys so much for the beautiful flowers!!
I know you didn't get to actually get to see here they are!
They're beautiful! It was such a wonderful surprise!!
Yall's love and prayers mean so much to us!
Thank you! We love you all!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

God's Creation Speaks!

As John David and I went out on a little walk this morning I noticed this little flower in our yard. I had planted these bulbs last spring...not knowing the least bit about flowers or gardening...I didn't even know if they were ever going to come up out of the ground. I remember that I called Lowe's to see how to plant bulbs...also called my sisters...I had never done it before, but I followed their "counsel" on the subject and one year later....wholla! A beautiful little flower poking up through the bark! My first thought was how awesome God is to bring a sign of spring time! But then as I walked I began to just praise God for who He was and how He uses His creation to show us so many truths. I was thinking on some verses and what the Lord has been teaching me these last few months, weeks, and days...I began to ponder on this little flower. I was so excited to see it spring forth out of the ground...this reminds me of Isaiah 44:4-5..."They will spring up like grass in a meadow, like poplar tree by flowing streams. One will say, 'I belong to the Lord'...still another will write on his hand, 'The Lord's.’” How great is this? It's referring to offspring...but when thinking about it with this little flower... I was reminded of God's grace. This little flower did was all God. God allowed it to grow...made it grow. And then when it grew, busted out from the ground, and with all it's beautiful yellow color and meticulous form yelled out "The Lord's". That Grace. As I received Him so I must live. Just like that little flower. And then I began to think about the course of time it took me to see the actual flower itself. I had planted it a year ago and saw no evidence of the work. I didn't know what kind of soil was underneath there. I thought it looked pretty good to me. I just planted it. That's all. By faith I planted it. And by God it grew. I wasn't mad or frustrated that it took so long for me to see. I knew that it would grow up in due season. Or at least I hoped it would. But I didn't get discouraged when I would walk in the house and see that it wasn't blooming yet. I have to let God do the blooming. It's easy with flowers, but in life....with me...with others...not so easy..."In his time". If it had bloomed just a month would not have lasted through the weather. I am just so thankful that God brings forth fruit in us in due season- that it's not my job to produce...I can't do it. But God can. And He does. There was not anything else blooming in my entire yard. Everything else looked dull and ugly compared to this little flower. But instead of concentrating on the flowers that have not yet bloomed, I praised God for the one little beautiful blooming flower. I thanked God for those blooming areas in my life…those blooming friends in my life that will share His beauty with me. To look upon those beautiful flowers we call friends as they yearn for Christ and spring forth shouting I AM THE LORD’S- It’s a sign of spring!! How great is our God....He's the Master Gardener.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Play time!!

John David enjoys his little red wagon....he was just cackling!!

Little sneaker!

I left the refrigerator door open for a second....he snuck from across the room...he found what he was looking for....

The remains!