Monday, March 12, 2007

Afternoon Adventures!

David, John David, and I went on an adventure this Saturday! We went to the park and played...laughed and giggled...we had a great time! We also went "hiking" up to a huge cross here in Huntsville. We've seen it many times driving and wanted to take John David up to see it. We just had tons and tons of fun! It was a great weekend!
John David is having a ball!!

I love this!

We took a little short cut on the road!

This slide was a bit steeper than what we both were expecting:-) John David was going down it all by himself at the end of the day...I'd drop him and Daddy would catch him:-)

The cross....


The Blonde Renstroms said...

Springs coming - yippie!! We can't wait to see you guys soon. Love ya'll.

Those Groovy Gervens' said...

Hi Emily. David and I went to elementary school together so I got your blog address from his Facebook page. I really enjoy looking at all your creative photography! As a scrapbooker you've inspired me to take my pictures to another level. Keep up the good work!