Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Good Job Mom!

Mama, these are the pics you took!! I love them! I played with them on the computer and now I'm going to hang them up! Thanks!! I knew you had it in you:-)hehe!

A Carolina Christmas!

We had such an awesome Christmas in NC! There are so many pictures I wanted to put up to try to show how much fun we had, but I decided that was impossible! With trips to the zoo and gym, backyard fun, living room dancing, pump it up slides, Chucky cheese, and everything else I think every second was jam packed of I'll limit the pictures to just a few!
The whole crew on Christmas Sunday...
The six it started with :-)
Now there's lots of little monkeys!
Chucky Cheese!! Does this show personality or what?!
Proof that David did beat Daddy down the "Pump It Up"slide!!
The Live Nativity at church! There were four different scenes...the shepherds following the star, the nativity (with live animals that John David loved!) , the cross, and the angels at the empty tomb! It was a great outreach! A little cold for the actors, but worth every second! The true meaning of Christmas! So many of us forget the real reason....if we would all stop putting focus on Santa and put all the presents behind us and reach up and forward for Christ I bet we would each enjoy the real "magic" of Christmas! The birth of God into humanity. Magic- no, but miraculous- yes! (okay, so I'll stop preaching now!)The church started this tradition of the Live Nativity many many years ago and it just keeps growing and growing! It's one of my favorites!!

The much loved Chuck picture! It all started with Kobe and his liking to shoes....his are the red ones in the middle...he said that next time he might get orange ones:-)
Kobe and Kloe have said that they are going to get married when they grow up....after much explaining I think they are starting to understand marriage is not an option for them! One of Kobe's little girl friends told him that since he can't marry Kloe, he will have to marry her. After a second of thought he replied, "Sure, that will be okay, but Kloe will have to live with us."
His favorite animal at the zoo....
Hudson's cute little gummy smile!Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for such a wonderful and lovely visit with all of you guys! We love you each and miss you all much!! Can't wait until the next time!!