Thursday, June 15, 2006

For Grandma and Grandpa!

John David told me the other day that he missed grandpa's singing and grandma's good kisses and hugs! I thought I should tell you!! We can't wait to see you both at the beach! Not too much longer!


Cute little face!

John David has his own little spot in the living room. He likes to lie on his blanket that Mamaw Ward made for him and play with some of his toys. This is his favorite toy right now...he loves to look at faces and cool patterns so this mirror is great!!

Haley Elizabeth and John David

Our friends, Megan and Kyle Hubbard, gave birth to their precious daughter, Haley Elizabeth, just two weeks after John David was born. Haley is beautiful! John David really liked her:-)
I thought this was pretty funny! First, John David was crying, then Haley started as soon as John David was finished! It looks like she's biting him here!! hah!

He's practicing escorting her!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More of John David...

'Lil Alabama country boy!
He already likes to watch the news!
John David and his little first John David was almost the size of his little buddy! He's growing fast! He weighs 9 lbs. and 12 oz! He's gained 34 oz. in less than 30 days! His doctor said that was Great!!

John David really likes to go outside and look around in his Baby Bjorn. Daddy loves every second he gets with him!