Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Festival

John David was a sandwich!!!!! He wouldn't stop eating the tomato!!! You can't see the lettuce too well in these pictures, but there was lettuce, tomato, and then he was the meat!!! I had lots of fun making this little mom and I always made my costumes, so I wanted to start that tradition w/ our family too...I have so many fun memories of mama and me...and now I'm just adding memories of my own children! Wow! How Great is Our God!!

My friend Amy and I are in charge of the facepaint!! We had a blast like normal!!
We didn't stop painting for 2 and a half hours!! That just meant that we had a good turn out....that's awesome! All the kids ( and adults) seemed to be enjoying themselves!
Leah and Bur- don't look.....i know all you see are all the germs that are now infecting the inside of his mouth.....gross!!! A little bit of yuck never hurt anyone, right?!!? He chews on everything...we just can't help it!!!!

A Stroll with Daddy!

John David and Daddy went for a walk around the neighborhood today! Daddy dressed him well:-)
He looks so big in this picture!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Little Baker!

John David can pretty much do anything now...he's actually baking at Grammy's house....or atleast this is what they told me....all I know is that it actually turned out yummy...I was very impressed with his decisions while we were out for the afternoon...baking mommy's favorite will definitely get some brownie points:-) hehe!

Our favorite little game!

No, we haven't moved him out of his crib yet!
John David loves every morning to make mommy and daddy's bed, I make the bed with him in it!! I'll pull the covers up ontop of the poor little guy over and over and then he keeps pulling them down laughing.....anyways...this little game of peekaboo is one of his favorites and I get a neat bed!! He's waving to all of you guys!!

Look at these Teeth!!!

John David has four big teeth (two top front and two bottom front) and he has a fifth one we can see that has broken more gummy smiles, but he sure is handsome with those teeth!!

Showing off for Papa and Mama Ward!!

Cozy'n up!

I realized the other day at the pumpkin patch when I looked around at all the other kids in their big winter coats, scarfs, and comfy beanie hats that John David needed some cozy warm clothes for fall and I went shoppin' for lots of cute stuff! There's this really cool thing called Klassy Kids (new or used clothes for discounted and sometimes very cheap prices)'s awesome...if you live in Huntsville, you'll have to check it out in the spring for their sale...some friends of ours actually started a few years back and it has really boomed.....details at ! We got him some good stuff! Some brand new! Here's just a couple of things...
His brand new coat for winter!! He thinks he's the coolest little dude ever! Just incase your wondering- we will dress him in pants to go with the coat when we go out, this was just a size test
:-)'ll have to check out his teeth in this picture too....
His new cool beanie! He has cool gloves to match too:-) Their so itsy!

The Real Stuff!

John David is eating meat!

He doesn't even joke around about meal time....this picture looks like he's been starved and about to attack the food, but I promise he's well fed....he's just a pig! Sweet potatoes and ham, apples and chicken....he's getting to be a big boy! Outback and Logans will be next month! :-)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We went to a pumpkin patch today at Tate Farms! Mommy thought it was a great idea and John David would love it...there was a corn maze, hay rides, petting zoo....tons of cool things....well, mommy should have remembered that John David can't walk, run, or play with animals quite yet! Plus it was freezing outside!! So, we left out just after a couple of minutes, but we got some good pictures!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

107 years!

West Huntsville Baptist Church just celebrated our 107th Anniversary!
Our little family at the celebration service!
Pops, Daddy, John David, Mom, and Grammy!
(I do realize my hair looks funny resting on David's shoulder....that definitely wasn't planned but figured the picture was about more than good hair, right?!?! )

This is David Rhodenizer, the man that lead Pops to Christ. He's also one of the men that David is named after! We enjoyed getting to introduce John David to him and his wife!

Takin' after Uncle Seth!

" Thanks Uncle Seth for letting me have your old hat! I love it! "


John David had his six month Dr.'s visit today! The Doc said he looked awesome! He is doing everything and more than what he should be and he was 75th percentile in all his measurements (that means he's bigger than most babies his age) ! He weighs 19 lbs. 7 oz. and is 27 1/4 inches long! Dr. Brassart also said he could start on some meats!!! Can you believe that? John David eating chicken and turkey and..... That will be a funny picture! He also commented on how huge his feet are! Well, that's all the updates...everything is about the same with David and I! Enjoying God's love and faithfulness....praying to know His steps! Love you all!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Day in the Life of a Six Month Old!

John David had a Happy Six month old Birthday!! I thought it'd be fun to share what all happened in the day of a big boy...six months old:-)
First we wake up and head out the door for an early morning Precept Bible Study at he is lying on the floor taking his morning bottle.....
He sits with mommy for a while and then grammy gets a hold of him and he takes a short nap!

Proud Grandma and Grammy let John David and Haley play together!

Haley and John David like to play and hang out every chance they get! But then mommy and John David have to go home! He takes a long afternoon nap and then is up to play!!!

He laughs and giggles with mommy! We're stuck inside because it's yucky and rainy outside! He loves to be read to, tickled, playing peekaboo in mommy and daddy's bed, rolling around the floor and trying his best to crawl and sit up like a big boy! He woke up with one more tooth today! And then another is about to break through any day now! That'll be three in all!!
Lots of Smiles!
....More fun...

Then Daddy gets home and we all eat dinner.....John David has Carrots and Peas...yummy, huh?!
Play time with Daddy!!
Two handsome fellows!
Then bedtime!! Daddy and mommy say goodnight prayers with John David and the evening is left for the two of us to enjoy together!
Night Night John David!
And that's it!

Beautiful Baby Bennett

Our Cousins Dan and Dannielle Renstrom are proud parents of their first little one!
Precious little baby girl Bennett was born Friday afternoon, Sept. 22, at 4:17PM, weighing 7 pounds and 21 inches long.
Dan and Danielle live in Raliegh, NC and we can't wait to go for a visit to see Bennett Grace. We haven't seen her in person but she already has captured us with these pictures:-) She is beautiful! I finally realized I could take pictures off of their blogspot to share with all of you guys! A month late, i know, but these are worth the wait! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Evening Fun!

We love going to Daddy's softball games! We have lots of fun playing!
Somebody handsome is sitting up!

Anna and John David!

Whose shirt is that?

I think these are hilarious! We were over at Pops and Grammy's house one night and David was in the middle of somehing, so we needed to put JDP down for bed, but we didn't have pj's. This shirt is one that all the Gossett boys wore! It was Pops shirt in Jr. High!! How funny is that?!

Miss Casey Oakley and John David!

We love you Casey!!
Casey is a good friend of mine from Highschool...she's moving to France and we will miss her tons and tons! We'll be praying for you!

Mamaw and Papaw Ward

We always love when Mama and Papaw Ward come to visit us!!!
Daddy loves John David too!

Monday, October 09, 2006

One of my favorite recipes ever is one I got from Missy McDonald who I use to nanny for…’s delicious!

Pecan Chicken Strips

Ingredients: * 1 lb. chicken breast (skinless/boneless)
* 1 tsp salt
* 2 T. cornstarch
* 1 egg white (slightly beaten)
* 2 T. sherry’s or white cooking wine
* Finely chopped pecan pieces (may be called cookies)
* Extra light olive oil

Directions: ~ Cut chicken into strips
~ Mix sherry, salt, cornstarch, egg white
~ Pour mixture over chicken and marinate in fridge for 15 + minutes
~ Roll chicken in pecans
~ Saute in 2-3 T oil until golden brown and cooked throughout

Fall Fun with Papa Gossett!

We spent the afternoon with Papa Gossett for a fall bash at his place! We had so much fun! Papa always has a big smile and lots of laughter to share with us!
John David had a great time! He wore his cool fall overalls just for the special event!!
Eating with Papa!

We love you, Papa Gossett!

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Papa and Mamaw Ward, Aunt Sharon, and Katie DeArmon came into town!! John David loved playing with them!
This is the big boy chair that Papa and Mamaw got for John David! He thinks he's a stud!
He's sitting up...Only for about 30 seconds:-)