Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Day in the Life of a Six Month Old!

John David had a Happy Six month old Birthday!! I thought it'd be fun to share what all happened in the day of a big boy...six months old:-)
First we wake up and head out the door for an early morning Precept Bible Study at he is lying on the floor taking his morning bottle.....
He sits with mommy for a while and then grammy gets a hold of him and he takes a short nap!

Proud Grandma and Grammy let John David and Haley play together!

Haley and John David like to play and hang out every chance they get! But then mommy and John David have to go home! He takes a long afternoon nap and then is up to play!!!

He laughs and giggles with mommy! We're stuck inside because it's yucky and rainy outside! He loves to be read to, tickled, playing peekaboo in mommy and daddy's bed, rolling around the floor and trying his best to crawl and sit up like a big boy! He woke up with one more tooth today! And then another is about to break through any day now! That'll be three in all!!
Lots of Smiles!
....More fun...

Then Daddy gets home and we all eat dinner.....John David has Carrots and Peas...yummy, huh?!
Play time with Daddy!!
Two handsome fellows!
Then bedtime!! Daddy and mommy say goodnight prayers with John David and the evening is left for the two of us to enjoy together!
Night Night John David!
And that's it!

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Adam and Nat said...

Way cool outfit JDP. Love the puffy vest. :)