Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Festival

John David was a sandwich!!!!! He wouldn't stop eating the tomato!!! You can't see the lettuce too well in these pictures, but there was lettuce, tomato, and then he was the meat!!! I had lots of fun making this little mom and I always made my costumes, so I wanted to start that tradition w/ our family too...I have so many fun memories of mama and me...and now I'm just adding memories of my own children! Wow! How Great is Our God!!

My friend Amy and I are in charge of the facepaint!! We had a blast like normal!!
We didn't stop painting for 2 and a half hours!! That just meant that we had a good turn out....that's awesome! All the kids ( and adults) seemed to be enjoying themselves!
Leah and Bur- don't look.....i know all you see are all the germs that are now infecting the inside of his mouth.....gross!!! A little bit of yuck never hurt anyone, right?!!? He chews on everything...we just can't help it!!!!

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Mom Renstrom said...

I love the picture of John David's costume. You did a great job, Emily. Thanks for keeping us all posted on his growth. It's fun to see all the new things he's doing and experiencing. Hopefully, during the upcoming holidays we can see him in person!