Thursday, September 28, 2006

John David and I had a great time in North Carolina!
We got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Kristy and Unlce Ryan, Kali, Kobe, Kase, and Aunt Lora and Uncle Doug, Hope and Hannah...even Ter Ter and Kathy! John David got to visit with lots of mommy's friends too...and John David got to see where mommy and daddy met at Liberty! In Lychburg we saw Uncle John play flag football and got to play with Melanie! And we stayed with a bunch of awesome girls...John David was the man of the house!
We had a blast!
Monkey Moo was excited to see Grandma and Grandpa too!
This face is very descriptive of the car ride there! The drive is 8 hours...he cried for atleast 4!And this was one of the moments it wasn't pouring down rain! I tried to keep a good attitude, but all he had were faces like these! The next day or two he cut his first maybe that was why! He was awesome on the way home! No cries! Yeah!
I tried to keep him busy! hehe!
John David and I liked to look at all the deers in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard! We saw a dozen while we were there!
Kristy, Kase, Em, and JDP!
We were out celebrating my my favorite restaurant and John David was snoozing with his new Pooh bear....He loves that's big, soft, and bright! He reaches for it more than for us!
Grandma and John David hanging out at Kali's soccer game!

"Good playin' KK !!

We've always loved to run together!

"I love these times, Daddy!"

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

'Lil Genius!!

John David is reading!!!!
No, not really, but he does seem to like books!!

(We do use a mattress pad, just incase your wondering why you can see through his sheet....he had a little the mattress pad is in the wash! For you new moms to extra mattress pad may be a good thing!! Just in case anyone was wondering...)

All Book!!
He actually put down his football to read!
September 12, 2006
As I sit in our office of our very first home and hear my husband and son playing together I am reminded of how much God has truly blessed us. He is so good! It's raining today here in Alabama and I am reminded of the days my mama, daddy, and I would eat grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup....I had tomato soup today during John David's myself in between chores (getting ready for Bible study company tonight) and listening to music...i had to fix it myself this time:-) ....and I had ran out of cheese (so no sandwich, sorry mama)....but still, today, God is so good, just as he was those days with mommy and daddy. I'm leaving tomorrow to go see them! For that is always a huge blessing! And then today, as I was driving home from some errands I was thinking of the additions to my family this past year and a half. The Lord's added a mother and father-in-law, two more brothers, grandparents, and lots of Aunts, Uncles, and cousins to my group!! God is so good! Then I came home and pulled up to the drive way to find a wonderful home- God is so good! Then I walked in and found my husband spending time with the Lord- God is so good! Then talking to my sister, I heard sounds of babies, and happy little kids as they were on there way home from school. God is so good! As I look out the window and enjoy God's beautiful rain on his creation, I marvel at His blessings. His love. His character. His unchanging nature. His provision. His passion for his own creations. His creativity. His love for the unlovable. His faithfulness. His forgiveness. Who He is...I marvel. There's so much I wonder, but one thing I know is that God is so good.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Foot of Hair!!

I've never never had a real hair CUT!!! Until NOW!!!
I had 12 INCHES - THAT'S AN ENTIRE FOOT!!! cut off for Locks of Love today!
The locks of love program is awesome~ my hair will go to financially disadvantaged kids that have a medical condition causing hair loss. There's pictures of the kids without hair and then with their hair on the website!
You can go to to learn more about the donation!!

It's really really really short for me!! I wish I had a better picture of it down, but for some reason they wouldn't download right, so I'll put up some more for you later, mama and daddy, so you can see it down!

Something funny- I surprised David with it....walked up at his church softball game with short hair!!! His face was priceless!

My hair grows so quickly, my hair stylist said I may be able to do it again next year!!

I think John David likes it!

Who's a Big Boy now?!

John David is holding his own bottle!!
His cousin, Kobe, gave these cool, frog pajama pants to John David!! John David says "Thank You" , Kobe!!
He sure is a boy....while he was downing his bottle he wouldn't take his eyes off the TV !!!! Plus he's a PIG!!!! Just in a 24 hr. period....I nurse him about 4 or 5 times (he's guzzling!) , he will drink 2 bottles of 8 oz. of formula, 1 bottle of 6 oz., and now he's eating real food in the morning and in the evening!! He's a PIG!!! But, he's ALWAYS moving....Papaw and Mamaw Ward nicknamed him W.T....Wiggle-Tail!! So I guess all the food wears off from all of his wigglin'!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Rollllll Tide Roll!

John David had his first Alabama football experience this weekend!! He was all dressed for the game in his Bama T-shirt and hat!
Melanie and Me enjoying the Crimson colors! We had a great time...this was Melanie's first game! I think she's already won over!
John David loves his Papaw Ward!
Daddy had lots of fun showing John David all over the campus!
He's Ready!!!
Friday night we all went out to the best restaurant in Tuscaloosa- Cypress Inn! It was delicious! This is the lake it overlooks! Thanks Papaw and Mamaw For such an awesome weekend!!
These are new statues of the coaches that won nationals for Alabama...this one is Paul Bear Bryant! He won six out of the twelve!

Some hardcore fans!!