Friday, August 25, 2006

The Good Stuff!!!

John David is now eating the good stuff!! He's four and a half months old and already enjoying good ole sweet potatoes!! His first time eating real food was a blast.....

This bib was awesome!! It's big enough to cover most of his little body, but the best thing is that it's plastic! So all the food just wipes right off!! Just throw it under water, wipe it with a clorox wipe, and reuse it in the morning!!
His belly is getting big!! See his rolls in his legs?!
An action shot!!
John David loves sweet potatoes!!!

We could have done this a little neater, but he was just so cute being messy:-)!!

Monday, August 21, 2006


I thought I'd write some updates so everyone would be filled in on the little Gossett fam! We're doing awesome! God is so good! We're enjoying doing the college ministry at church now and are excited about what God is doing in lives! John David is four months, giggling and laughing and turning over and trying to crawl...more like a scoot! He weighs 15 pounds now and is growing so fast! Mommy and Daddy are enjoying every second of his stages! David is still working for the same title company doing real estate work. I'm working at home, being a mommy and wife! We're praying for the next steps.... jobs, school, etc. We love to know our friends and family are praying for us!
Just a little Harley ride!! :-)

Topsail Island 2006!

We had such an awesome time at the beach with the Luttrell crew! We already miss everyone tons and tons, but we are praying for you guys and are looking forward to every visit! Thanks mom and dad for all the work and time and everything else that went into such a great vacation! You two are a blessing! You all are! Can't wait until next year!! Love you guys!
John David and Kase!! This is my favorite of these two! Kase is just two weeks older!! Look at his cute rolls!!
Kobe was waiting on me with flowers when we got off the airplane!
He was so proud of his flowers!! What a little gentleman!
Grandpa and Grandma had such a good time with John David! We already miss them tons!!!
This is the very first time John David wore shoes:-)
The whole gang! Kristy is turned the other way and we're all laughing because Kobe is "using the potty" in the sand dunes! We celebrated Karli's first birthday all together! She had fun eating her yummy cake!
Kobe, Kloe, Kali, and Karli!