Sunday, December 31, 2006

Be Praying for us!

David and I are taking the college group at our church to a conference called PASSION this January 1-4. We are all expecting God to work in all of our lives this week! We're pumped and ready to head out in the morning for Atlanta. Passion is a four day conference of worship, small group studies, awesome Bible teaching, and prayer.Thousands of college age young people who are seeking more of Christ will be there with us. We're so excited to be a part of this awesome crew of young people from West Huntsville Baptist. We ask for you to join us in prayer as we desire to be drawn closer to Him this week. Isaiah 26:8 is the core verse for Passion07. "Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts." This picture is of me and two of the girls going. There's about 40 or so in our group from church that will be heading out early on Monday morning!! We each desire ya'lls prayers! Thanks so much!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas at the Luttrell's!

BRANDON!!! It's Always Crazy! It's Always Fun!

John David and us loved getting to see everyone and hang out with you guys! We love you tons and tons!!! Thanks for everything! Family just makes Christmas all the more special!

Presents Presents and More Presents! We had 18 people in all on Christmas Morning! How fun is that??!!

Pretty Little Kloe modeling her Alabama hat we got her!

Cousin Kase Man!

Our little family!
John David stealing someone else's present:-)
I Mr. Smiles!
John David loved riding with Aunt Leah around town! He got to watch DVD's the whole time!
Look at those cool new shoes G'ma and G'pa got John David!
He loved this toy! He walked all around the house! Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for everything!

The Little Cousins!
Monkey Moo!! Grandma and Grandpa have a tradition of getting all the grandkids these "Monkey Moos." They just happen to be each of their's so funny!! Even Kobe and Kloe still carry them around everywhere with them...well, maybe not everywhere....but a lot!
Can you tell whose who?
John David, Karli, and Kase!


Here's the whole gang of us! We had an awesome time up there in Charlotte!
We love all of you guys!
Thanks for all the great cooking and loads of fun memories!
Adam.........what can I say?!

Christmas Eve at Northside Baptist Church.

Brady and John David!

We finally got to meet cute little Bennett Grace Renstrom! She's beautiful and such a good little baby!
John David's first encounter with a dog!! He ended up really liking her!

There's a couple people missing, but here's a handful of us at the Christmas Service!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

John David's Very First Christmas!

We decided to have our Christmas morning this morning before daddy left for work since we'll be in NC on the 25th!!
I bet this will be the only year we have to wake John David up to open gifts:-) He's excited though!!
His stocking!!
He liked his little cars! I think his favorite was the Range Rover:-) ha!
His first gift from Dad and Mom!

He loves bath time we thought we'd get him something that splashes....he loved it! You pull the ducky and off it goes to the other side of the tub splashing! Daddy picked this out!

Won't he be handsome!?! This is his very first tie :-) He'll be stylin'!

Daddy got some new jeans!

David was a little sneaky...I had been wanting this certain belt and had made some little hints...he knew i would feel the present...i did....well i thought I had felt leather and a belt buckle with this little get up he had! I hadn't! We said we wouldn't do stockings this year to each other, so he had the perfect place to hide something!

I still got my belt:-) yah!