Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pops and the wagon ride!

Mom let's him out of her sight for a second...and this is what happens :-)

May 31st Updates!

John David is growing! At his last doctor's visit, on May 16, he weighed 7 lb, 10 oz and had grown to 21 1/4 inches. Uncle Seth and him weighed together on the 27th and we concluded John David weighed about 9 lbs or so! I also measured him with his cool inch worm and he had grown to 24 inches!! We are just now able to make him smile....or so we think:-) And last night you won't believe it....he turned over! Only six weeks old! He was on his belly....we left the room....and then he was on his back!! We missed it! He hasn't done it since, but hopefully he'll do it again soon!!

We love you all and will keep ya updated on this 'lil man!!

Roll Tide!

Papa Ward, we're raising him right!

Little Eater!

David's first time getting to feed him! He was just staring up at his daddy!
Daddy's feeding left John David in a bit of a mess!! It was all over him!!

John David's Wearing Pants!!!

John David is growing...he can wear pants now!!
Grandma got him this really cool cowboy outfit!! His socks match....ha!
Comfy Adidas sweats!
His baseball uniform!
And his Sunday Morning Church outfit! He matched daddy...khakis and polo!

May 28th!

Our One Year Anniversary already here!!
We had lots of fun going out...just the two of us! We went downtown to a nice restaurant where there is a live Jazz band playing. We went here the night David proposed! Once we got in though we remembered you only get a little food at really nice places like this...we were hungry...we went to Macaroni jazz band, but an Italitan guy sang to us...and we left with a full tummy! Yum!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Very First Mother's Day!

My first Mother's Day was great! Daddy, John David, and I had lots of fun going to church and sharing the day with Leah and her family which made the day even more special! My mom got me a "memory bracelet" to remember my first mother's day with pictures of John David, David, and I. Leah actually makes the bracelets and I thought you all might like to see them! Her website is:

The Totels Visit!!

My sister, Leah, and her family came to see John David! She has two little sweet girls, so it was fun to have a baby boy around!
My sweet little, Karli! She's only 8 months old and will be walking around the room in no time!
Leah and Kloe!
Aunt Leah gave John David a bath...and he loved it!! He didn't cry one time! We cudddled him up in his towel afterward and he was content as could be!

Kloe and Aunt "Mimi" playing some golf!

We went to pick strawberries in this big field! We had such a good time! Leah fixed them for dessert that night and they were amazing!!

We were all trying to find the biggest one! Kloe is showing her big one off!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

John David likes for us to pull up the blinds and let the sun in...he'll sit in his bouncy and rest...sometimes he'll fall asleep!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sleepy Boys!

Daddy wanted John David to take a nap with him! He seems to really like that arm up near his face! He sleeps like that a lot!

"Suckle" Time!

This is the very first time John David ever used a paci. We call it his "suckle" time. He likes it!

Mamaw and Papaw Ward Visits!

After John David's first church service, his great grandparents came all the way from North Carolina to visit him. This is in John David's room at his house.
This is mommy's favorite!

John David loves his Papaw Ward already!

First time at church!

John David is two weeks old and going to church! He slept through the entire service! It felt good for mommy to get out of the house!
Like father, like son....grandma got him this little polo!
The Gossett Boys...and Emily!

John David's First Visit to the Doctor!

John David is six days old here and got a great report for his first Doctor's visit! The Dr. said he was healthy and everything looked good! He had gained an oz. since we had taken him home from the hospital!
Daddy was playing with him while we waited for the doctor!

Mommy loves John David soooo much!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Cute Little John David!

This is grammy's favorite!
I picked out this shirt for him..."If you think I'm cute, you should see my daddy!" David said he could wear it as long as he wasn't around!
His eyes are open!

He's such a good baby! Very Peaceful! And Cuddly!

This face cracked me up!
Isn't he handsome!!?!

The first few days!

I'm not sure who enjoys it most!
The neighborhood walking crew!

John David's first bath...he's just relaxing!

He loves this spot beside mommy! He's a little pea in the pod! And I feel a little like a kangaroo!!

Soakin' in the rays!

Grandma's little boy!

Out for a walk with daddy!

John David loves taking naps and getting kisses from daddy!

We're going home!

Our family!
He's so tiny!
The first time in his room!