Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Totels Visit!!

My sister, Leah, and her family came to see John David! She has two little sweet girls, so it was fun to have a baby boy around!
My sweet little, Karli! She's only 8 months old and will be walking around the room in no time!
Leah and Kloe!
Aunt Leah gave John David a bath...and he loved it!! He didn't cry one time! We cudddled him up in his towel afterward and he was content as could be!

Kloe and Aunt "Mimi" playing some golf!

We went to pick strawberries in this big field! We had such a good time! Leah fixed them for dessert that night and they were amazing!!

We were all trying to find the biggest one! Kloe is showing her big one off!

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