Monday, May 10, 2010

Disney World!

We went to Disney! We had such a great time! There were so so so many pics to choose from so these were the only ones that made it on here. Looking back over them, I really didn't post any of the beauty of Disney itself. It really is beautiful. I had been when I was really young and didn't remember the beauty of it. Now I understand why people would do a honeymoon or anniversary there. It really was a great week. The weather great, all eight of the cousins stayed healthy (well, besides Hudson vomitting all over the place the day we left) , and all the parents left happy and exhausted! Thank you daddy and mama for a wonderful week full of so many happy memories! Love you guys!

Cute little Graham with sunscreen all in his hair! He was such a good little guy!

We actually did get a better family picture, but this one was more accurate of us I thought! :-)

I thought these were funny- J and Kase are such good little buddies....

Get'm Kase!

The cousins! ooops Kloe is missing!

J thought it was too cool he got to have another party at Disney! He wore a special button all day (actually all week too) so all the workers would tell him happy birthday. He thought that it was pretty cool everyone knew it was his birthday!

Seeing all the animals at Animal Kingdom was one of the boy's favorites!
I wish I could post more of the animal pics. We saw a baby rhino, several giraffes, alligators, cougars, okapi...all kinds of animals on a safari through Africa!

Goofy was an Alabama fan, so we got some extra attention:-)

If you look carefully you can find us!

I love this! One of my very favorite memories as a little girl is how my dad always saw creation as a time to worship the Creator. It seemed everytime there was a beautiful sunset, a beautiful flower, or anything in creation- my dad saw it as a time to worship. Hudson spent all week looking at the pretty birds and the moon, enjoying God's creation too. Amidst all the "magic" of Disney God's everyday creations still commands our attention. I'm reminded of Ps. 19 "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the workd of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard...."

Another one of my favorite memories of the trip is when John David told my mom that Jesus lived in the Disney castle. I was walking a bit behind mama and overheard the conversation. She went on to explain to John David that Jesus lives in a place a lot better than that castle. She explained a bit and John David acted like he understood. It was a sweet memory.

Hud sucking his thumb gazing at Minnie!

The whole crew! Thank you Mama and Daddy for an awesome week! We love you guys and miss you tons and tons already!!

The first two nights we stayed at a hotel nearby until we could go into Disney where we stayed the rest of the week. I love this picture b/c it shows the craziness of eight little ones (well, 7 little ones and Kali!) The best part of the whole trip was just being matter where that is!

The boys always look forward to the "surprises" G'ma and G'pa brings with them....Hudson thought his sunglasses made him a big boy! The Lord has given us such great little guys to love and equip! How blessed we are!


John David's little buddies!

Papa brought some guys over who noticed the cake and icecream:-)

Big boy Graham!

Happy birthday John David!!

Update on the boys....


Graham is getting bigger! He will be one on the 11th!

John David is four!!

Birthday morning!! John David is so so so excited! We got him lego sets that I bought from a friend. I love Hudson's cute little legs and drooopy diaper in the background..along with a goodmorning yawn! It makes me want to grab and hug on him...well, after the diaper change :-)

I was excited I caught this face! He was so excited when he first saw the big castle on the front of the instruction booklet!

Our first castle!!

Getting ready for his party- making his birthday cake!

The finished product! He was pumped abt. how it turned out!

Now we are getting ready for weddings!! We went to get the boys sized for John and Melanie's wedding- I thought this was too cute not to put up:-) John David thought it was pretty cool that he could see his face in his shoes! We are so excited, Mel and John! Not too much longer!