Monday, May 10, 2010

Update on the boys....


Graham is getting bigger! He will be one on the 11th!

John David is four!!

Birthday morning!! John David is so so so excited! We got him lego sets that I bought from a friend. I love Hudson's cute little legs and drooopy diaper in the background..along with a goodmorning yawn! It makes me want to grab and hug on him...well, after the diaper change :-)

I was excited I caught this face! He was so excited when he first saw the big castle on the front of the instruction booklet!

Our first castle!!

Getting ready for his party- making his birthday cake!

The finished product! He was pumped abt. how it turned out!

Now we are getting ready for weddings!! We went to get the boys sized for John and Melanie's wedding- I thought this was too cute not to put up:-) John David thought it was pretty cool that he could see his face in his shoes! We are so excited, Mel and John! Not too much longer!

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