Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Update...

James 1:21, 22 Humbly accept the Word. Do not merely listen to the Word and so decieve yourselves. Do what it says.

This link is to a series from a pastor in Birmingham AL. It is called the Radical series. It's counterpart series is called Faith. This is pure Biblical Truth- I pray you will watch it. There's 8 sermons- all about 1 hour long. He has also written a book- Radical- it's the same thing as the sermons. I could not paste a picture of that book for some reason. But, it's a great book- reinforcing all the same things that this series on the website teaches so well.

Other book updates....great books to check out. I hesitate putting this up, but know how each have been used in my life. When someone else shares a book that has served them, I am thankful that they would share, so I would like to share these with you. I hesitate only because The Word is the life giver- if these books don't prove to grow you in the Word, they are useless. May we never ever substitute His Word- the divine way of revealing Himself to us. May books only serve to fan the flame of our passion for God Himself as He is revealed in His Word. May His Word be the feasting of our souls and our obedience to it, our foundation.

About being a true disciple and having a passion for the lost. It's a movement in China to reach the world's most unreached.

This is a great, easy book to read. It's an old classic, that I enjoyed reading many months back. It's about following Christ and walking as He walked-being a true follower of Jesus Christ...not just admiring Him, but becoming like Him. I'm reminded of Hebrews 13:12-14.

This is extremely easy to read, but hard to swallow at times. I am so thankful the Lord has shown more light into our lives. We have so far to go on this journey- how thankful I am for His patience and love for us as the Spirit continues His work. A couple of weeks ago, David had changed a light bulb in our of the two bulbs had died. Apparantly he replaced the burnt bulb with one of those bulbs that is extremely bright....I was able to see every little scratch, every little handprint...the walls were pretty dirty, I hadn't even realized it until the light made it visible. I am so thankful that the Lord has been shining that light on our lives. Showing us the dirty spots, the areas that need his touch and healing.
This is by John Piper. The Lord has really used this in my own life.
This book by A.T. Pierson is a bit "thick"- meaning not the pages of the book (although it is kinda thick that way too) but "thick" meaning I have had to read through it slowly. I'm not completly done with this one, but it has been such a blessing.
A true example of a God-exalting, God-trusting life.
My sister told me about this series for children. We've been reading bit and pieces to the boys before bedtime. John David has surprisingly been able to get into it. Hudson is lost and its way over his head. It's more for older kids than mine, but we have enjoyed bits of it w/ J. It will be even greater in another year or two. Thought I'd share it- especially for you moms with older kids than mine!

James 1:21,22 Humbly accept the Word...Do not merely listen to the word and so decieve yourselves. Do what it says.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Oh Fountain of Infinite Joy

You jump in and you think you may hit the bottom- a pool. But you keep swimming and you realize it’s an ocean. You keep going and going and now you are wondering if it’s not just an ocean but an entire different universe of never ending water; a fountain that has no end. A waterfall that never dries up, a whole new “depth” of “depth” that you never knew existed. We just thought it was a pool- wow, it’s nothing like that. May we continue to swim until Christ comes gets His bride and puts us on His land. May we realize the depth, width, and height of this unending waterfall of Love. May we continue to swim in it- realizing we will never be able to reach the boundaries of it. May it move us to pick up our cross and walk to our death. Our death and His Life. May the Worth of Christ fall upon us. “We are halfhearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite Joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”* Oh, that this earth would not be our heaven. This earth not my home. As we are decked out with our rings and jewelry and going after our many lovers, selling the poor for sandals, plundering the poor in our homes, I wonder if we shouldn’t have a Big Red A hanging from our necks. An adultress people. You, my bridegroom our jealous for your bride. Oh how you love us. You are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love. How great your affection is for me. How great your affection for your world. Your people. Oh, Lord may we listen to your warnings- your love cry. Oh Lord, may we listen to the weeping of the rich man in eternal torment. May our destiny not be destruction. May our god not be our stomach. May our glory not be in our shame. May our minds be set on things above. Our heart on Your face. “Once we had no delight in God…what we enjoyed was food and friendships and productivity and investments and vacations and hobbies and games and reading and shopping and sex and sports and art and TV and travel…but not God. He was an idea- even a good one- and a topic of discussion but he was not a treasure of delight. Then something miraculous happened. It was like the opening of the eyes of the blind during the golden dawn. First the stunned silence before the unspeakable beauty of holiness. Then a shock and terror that we had actually loved the darkness. Then the settling stillness of joy that this is the soul’s end. The quest is over. We would give anything if we might be granted to live in the presence of this glory forever and ever….Saving faith is the cry of a new creature in Christ. And the newness of the new creature is that it has a new taste. What was once distasteful or bland is now craved. Christ himself has become a Treasure Chest of holy joy. The tree of faith grows only in the heart that craves the supreme gift that Christ died to give: not health, not wealth, not prestige, but God!”* Oh, Lord we all fall short. We all exchange your glory for something less. Lord, we are sin. Lord, you are perfect. You are perfect. You died so we may have your life. You become poor so we may become rich. May we follow you up the Hill of Calvary. May we follow in your steps, carrying our cross to our death. Our death and Your Life. You have captured my heart. May you chain me to You. How great you are that I have your promise. My sins are not too big for you. You are Life. You are our hope. How foolish we are to eat on ashes when you invite us to a feast. You are the beginning and end. You are the Author and Perfector. It’s because of You, it’s in You, and it’s for You. It’s Your working. It’s Your Gift. May the Worth of Christ fall upon us. May the nature of the Master Servant be implanted into us. Our pride poured out. Your love poured in. Your love poured out. A beautiful fountain of Life. God’s love story is still being written for us. May we allow Him to rip the big A from our necks and purify our hearts. One Master, one eye, a sole treasure. Oh, Lord, don’t give up on me. This unending ocean of God’s truths and words of love- how I am so thankful that His timing is perfect and He knows exactly what He is doing…May someone, Lord, be stirred for an affection for You- Your Word. Thank you, Lord, for your patience. Your Grace covers me. It gives me breath.

Colossians, Hosea-Malachi, John 12:23-28, Luke 16:14,19-31, James, 1 John, Revelation 4, Matt 13:44, 7:14, Acts 17: 25-34, Job 38-42, John 6: 60-69, Ephesians 1 and 2, Phil 2:13, Ps. 115:3, Romans 9:10-10:15, Hebrews 11:13-16......

* both quotes by John Piper, Desiring God