Thursday, August 21, 2008

Luttrell Vacation!!

Pool Bum!
The cousins love baby Hudson!! Kase refers to him as his baby:-)
You can't get any cuter Kase-man!! :-)
Hudson working out!!
Grandma is the coolest!!

Grandpa and Kase! I love this!!

Go Hope!!

yeah kobe!!

Our room!

I like this one!Sweet little Hudson!
okay- so do you see that couple that is all over each other in the pool? That's David and I...How embarrassing!! Grandpa can really get the pics!
Lovely hat Leah :-) hah!
We love you "Ter Ter"!!
There was a little park beside the pool that J loved!!
Hudson and Aunt Kristy! I love this!

Kobe when he first wakes up!

The grandkids with Grandma and Grandpa!!
Best Buds!!

Look at that jump!!
The Hike! David wasn't able to come until mid week so Grandpa was sweet to take "daddy duty" on the trail.....
The whole gang!!
This cracks me up...two years ago I would have read a book for two hours while baking in the sun...and David with his shirt and computer...all under the shade while the pool and the sun is just a step away.....I think it was just a way to get a second of relaxation!!
okay- so I thought this was pretty funny too...John David was whining about something- and look at my face! I'm a bit intense...I know when I have this face...I can feel it, but I've never seen it until this totally random pic was flashed. hum....

John David put his hat on, Kase wanted one, John David shared one of his hats with Kase, Kase got some juice, J had to have juice, Kase shared his juice with J. This is how it worked all week.....
This pic doesn't do the craziness any justice...but maybe you can tell a bit....
Emily-left. Leah-right. Okay- so we'll take a vote....or maybe not...I'll just say that I win:-)
Doesn't every kid want to do this?

John David got into the pool bag on the way kept him occupied for a while:-)

We miss you all already TONS and TONS!! We are so blessed by you guys!!