Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Meal!

John David ate his first McDonald's Happy Meal!

He thought the people there were so nice- they gave him food and a suprise!

Yes, he did wear this long sleeve superman pajama shirt in the middle of humid Alabama summer....I told him pj's were normally worn inside at night time, but he asked so politely....:-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Picnic Fun...

Okay, so we are officially back and going...we have internet at our house!! yah!! Instead of trying to catch you guys up to the present, which would take hours that I don't have, I'm just going to start fresh with this week....

We went for a walk and a little summer picnic at the park!!
Don't you love pictures that bring a smile to your face....that's these for me!
Like always...

J found a huge hole right beside our blanket- it looked like a possible snake home...we discovered it at the end of the afternoon...who knows what it was, but I didn't like it!
We missed you dad! I was trying to surprise Dad at work and take him along with us....but I didn't do a very good job and he was already eating when I called....sad day! Next time, dad!
He took his job of carrying the blanket so seriously:-)
This is where I use to run and walk when I was pregnant w/ John David....We lived in an apartment complex right next to this trail...

Nice fake smile, J!


Dad didn't like these too much:-) I was finishing getting ready one morning and this is what I found!

see, I did explain to him that those were for mom and not boys!....:-)

First time...

This is the first time Hudson ate dinner with us in his highchair...eating big boy food!!

He'd still rather have his thumb:-)
He cracks me up!

Eden Hope!

The newest, smallest member of the family!!
Congratulations !! We're so excited for you guys!! Can't wait to meet little Eden!
Your family is beautiful!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Love Letters...

I wrote this several weeks back now- but thought I'd share it....

Okay so who doesn’t love getting little love letters from the one your hearts loves? Of course we all do. Sometimes God gives me these very love letters, but instead of being written by my earthly mate it’s my heavenly groom that is the Author. And instead of being written on paper with ink, markers, crayons, or even typed- instead they are written out in very unique ways….maybe a letter will come through nature, the blowing of the tall trees…when you lay underneath the limbs the trees look as if they could blow over any moment…you know, kinda like when your two year old stacks blocks up and it gets tall and wavy and they crash…..trees look like that when you are lying underneath…so how don’t they fall…well, of course b/c of its roots…but we don’t see the roots…just glimpses…but we know that they are there….holding everything up….but that’s not the point of my writing today.
I just love the way that My Lover tells me of His Love….his nature, his people, his Word…in all kinds of ways, if we listen, does our Creator want to reveal things to us…Today His love letter came in a very soft and precious touch…I know we’ve all been in those trials of having to wait…unsure of the future…plans and dreams- wandering what’s the next step right in front of me…Well, this is how the love story starts today. I was holding Hudson on my hip today going to the basement to get some more hangers for the master closet….some are still in a box from the move…I had the music playing in the living room so we could hear it while I put up some clean clothes. So we danced our way through the living room as we headed to the hallway that leads to the basement. Our new home is so bright and sunny…lots of windows…but as we go down the hallway dowsnstairs it gets pretty dark. On the way, through the bright and sunny living room, Hudson was just laughing and having so much fun! Then when we hit a little bit of the dark….the unknown… I could feel his little fingers grab hold of my arm….he looked up immediately and I could see his eyes as if they were filled with question and wonder. Where are we going? Where’s the loud, fun music….where’s the sun? Where are we now? As his fingers tightened on my arm, I could not help but to listen to my Jesus….I have you, my little girl. I got you. We’re just going down here for a minute…I have to do a little something…And then we’ll go dance some more. And then Hudson’s look at me….I thought to my self …well, yeah, but he didn’t have to look very high to look to me….then I thought again…as tears and a big smile welled up on me…I knew I didn’t either. I am in His arms just as close to my father as Hudson was to me today. When we go through the darker times…the unknown…he’s right there holding us…we don’t even have to look that far up!! Just up! And tighten your grip…I think He’d like that!! I did.
By the time we got to the bottom of the steps, Hudson, while looking at me, still a tight grip on my arm….he started to smile as I reassured him…He started enjoying the ride….through the darkness…it seemed as if he might have even started to enjoy the not so bright trip to the basement as much he did the dancing and sunlight of the main floor. Thank you, Lord, for my love letter today. I love you too.

John David's Party!

A bit late on the pics, but here's a few:

I love this. Grandma and Grandpa- if you look closely you can see his b-day card from you guys on the table:-)
His favorite "prise" or surprise was the baseball men on the cake...all the toys he got as gifts and it was the cake decor that won the show- figures:-)
His little buds...what a blessing!