Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Belly Time!

These two picture aren't the best...you can barely see me, but you can notice a little belly. This was taken abt. two weeks back.

These next three pics were taken a week ago...belly is GROWING!!

This last picture was taken this past Sunday...when we walk in our church there is a big mirror down the hall that you have to walk toward...I realized that my belly had grown so much since I had last worn this outfit that you could see my big bellybutton right through my shirt! Nice little touch to any outfit, huh?! ha!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fishers of Men

Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.
I'm in the middle of reading this book right now- for the first time. I don't know what to say abt. it besides that it has been such a huge encouragement to me. We've been going through Adam Stanley's series GO FISH on Sunday nights. This book has seemed to go right along with it.

This is one my favorite books about family. It goes right along with becoming fishers of men as well. It talks about the huge crisis of the American Christian family- the crisis between belief and action. We got the book through Liberty a couple of years back and I've gone through it a couple of times now- always keeping it close...like Shepherding a Child's Heart and Raising Kid's for True Greatness it's been a great book for us to go back to often. I will probably share some things out of it soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


We love to go exploring...and find cool bugs and treasures:-) It reminds me of when I was a kid too. That was one of my favorite things to do! I'm not sure if we looked for bugs though...that may be a boy thing:-)

Helping Hud!

"Watch me mom" is the phrase for the month....
Then a little swinging!
Surprise! I went inside for just a second...came back and this is what I saw! He said he had to go "potty"...well, he forgot his pants in the bushes:-)
I must say modesty is not his greatest strength! We need to work on that:-)

Dr. MOM...

J got a cut on his finger one morning and it wouldn't stop bleeding...we ran it under cold water (thus the wet PJ's) , did all sorts of things to stop the bleeding....finally after a while, Dr. Mom nursed him up with paper towels and duct tape....He thought that was pretty funny....but what do you do when all you have is band aids and those just don't work? I thought duct tape fixed everything:-)

He was very proud of his enormous bandage...and the cut was barely visible:-)...it just wouldn't stop bleeding!


Where is J?
(okay- as I show you a picture of J and Hud's very full closet I feel the urge to tell you that this is winter clothes and spring/summer... I just unloaded the spring season in here:-) and left the winter until I know the cold weather is gone....thus the extremely full overload of clothes :-)...

Can you spot him?

There he is!!
What a nut....it was time to start getting ready for bedtime one night and he called for me from his room....and this is what I saw...I didn't know where he was until he popped his head out!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Birthday David!

David got a grill!!


I really do think that this was the best meal we have ever eaten at this table!! It was perfectly delicious!! Chicken, filet mignon, colored peppers and onions, corn on cob...It was wonderful! I'm starting to think that the grill was a gift to me too- Now that I know he's such a grill master....he can take over a meal or two! By the way- we finished everything!! Yum!

Thumbs up dad!!

Alabama Snow!

All schools were closed, roads were closed off, we had no choice...look at ALL that snow!
Ha! Just kidding. This was actually on a Sunday- and there were lots of churches closed...but we still "fought" the weather and hit the road in time for church:-) Only in AL would we get so super excited about a flurry:-) You should have seen David the night before! They were calling for more than what we got -of course:-)- And as soon as his feet hit the floor in the morning, he went running to the bedroom window...with me following close behind:-)
This is my favorite spot...I love sitting here and looking out the window in the mornings...this Sunday morning was particularly beautiful! Our God has such creativity and beauty!
Thanks David for the pretty roses:-)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre Graham Goals...

Just a little booty...You may be wondering why this picture is a pre Graham goal..Well, let me explain...
The goal was pottytraining. It is now, I'd like to say, checked off the list! He is doing wonderful!!! He keeps the same underwear on now all day long- well, most days. The booty picture was taken several weeks back...This is what I saw for many many days....He was to take off underwear that had gotten wet and put them in the sink and then go put on dry underwear if he had an accident. Well, there were times he forgot the dry underwear part...It was amazing how many times I have seen this little bottom in the last month!
If you look close, here's the booty again. J had gotten "T" time for a reward for something..I walked out of the room, came back...and this is what I saw. He was probably 10 inches from the screen, totally naked. Nice, J!

Second Goal: Hudson in big boy bed in J's room...Well, as you can tell, the start was a bit crazy...Their room was totally clean and picked up before bedtime. This was the very first night. We started bedtime routine at 7:15...we had a surprise for Hudson, so it took a little while longer for his to open it and for us to play with it a bit...about 7:45, we left room. They didn't fuss much, but instead were interestingly quiet with a few laughs inbetween... we went in later and saw the above picture...no wonder they were quiet....Almost every toy in their closet was out, every book, every flashcard...it was a complete mess.

I freaked out when I saw this...I truly thought for a moment there was a roach. I remember thinking there was no way that a mess of toys and books could bring roaches in!! Then I quickly realized it was just a flashcard. whew!

Solution #1: tie closet doors together...no more toys
Solution #2: untighten the light bulbs...they can't turn the lights on now

The next morning we found them in the same bed! Now, they are doing awesome. It's still not perfected:-) but it's doing great! We found Hudson on the floor one morning too. But now he seems to enjoy his own big boy bed.
I had prayed and planned for this transition for a while and I'm so thankful it is working out so well. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Since the transition started, David and I both noticed that Hudson has just seemed to grow up! He's going to be a big brother soon!!