Friday, March 20, 2009

Alabama Snow!

All schools were closed, roads were closed off, we had no choice...look at ALL that snow!
Ha! Just kidding. This was actually on a Sunday- and there were lots of churches closed...but we still "fought" the weather and hit the road in time for church:-) Only in AL would we get so super excited about a flurry:-) You should have seen David the night before! They were calling for more than what we got -of course:-)- And as soon as his feet hit the floor in the morning, he went running to the bedroom window...with me following close behind:-)
This is my favorite spot...I love sitting here and looking out the window in the mornings...this Sunday morning was particularly beautiful! Our God has such creativity and beauty!
Thanks David for the pretty roses:-)

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Treasure Hunter said...

How fun...and beautiful. I'm guessing there was not enough for a snowman?? Remind me to show you the mohawk on ours!