Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Squeaky Clean!

John David loves bath time! He smiles and giggles and enjoys every second! We tried to catch a smile, but he stops everytime we get the camera out and stares at it wide eyed! I guess he's just trying to figure out what that thing is we always stick in his face!

Mister Cool!

'Lil Buds!

What a fun picture! Our cousins, Dan and Danielle Renstrom, are due with their first little precious baby in September! This is John David's future Bud!! We can't wait to meet him or her!
Mommy told John David that Haley's room was decorated with bees, so he thought he should pick some flowers to keep the bees happy! He's pretty smart for his age!:-)
We have really enjoyed spending time with Haley and her parents! It's been a blessing! We had given him a talk before he went over to Haley's house this time about how he should behave infront of a little girl and how to be a gentleman...well, besides the accidental pee pee all over her room during a diaper change and then, yes, the other...poop all over her nice pretty changing table, he did pretty well! But he still has lots to learn! :-) Not to mention how to wear his pants...this picture cracked us up...not too much higher and they'd be to his chin!

This is his cousin Brady! They had lots and lots of fun together in the pool! Brady is so good with little ones!
John David and Will! Will's mommy and him will sometimes come and play with us! John David loves it! We always have a great time! Will is going to have a little sister soon, so this is good baby practice for him! He's doing great!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pool Bum!

Our cousin Kyle just sent this to us...he messed around with it in print shop...we thought it was pretty cool!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Gulf Shores!!

Every year David's side of the family will go to Gulf shores, AL for a fun week of vacation! There was 28 people this year who stayed in one big house on the beach! This was John David's first time and he loved it! He had lots of fun getting spoiled with all these guys! Thanks Papa Ward for making it all possible!

The crew!

First time in the ocean!

A new meaning to tub time! We brought a pac-n-play, but John David liked this spot the best!!

He loved the pool!!

Just hanging out like a big kid!