Wednesday, May 31, 2006

May 31st Updates!

John David is growing! At his last doctor's visit, on May 16, he weighed 7 lb, 10 oz and had grown to 21 1/4 inches. Uncle Seth and him weighed together on the 27th and we concluded John David weighed about 9 lbs or so! I also measured him with his cool inch worm and he had grown to 24 inches!! We are just now able to make him smile....or so we think:-) And last night you won't believe it....he turned over! Only six weeks old! He was on his belly....we left the room....and then he was on his back!! We missed it! He hasn't done it since, but hopefully he'll do it again soon!!

We love you all and will keep ya updated on this 'lil man!!

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