Friday, August 25, 2006

The Good Stuff!!!

John David is now eating the good stuff!! He's four and a half months old and already enjoying good ole sweet potatoes!! His first time eating real food was a blast.....

This bib was awesome!! It's big enough to cover most of his little body, but the best thing is that it's plastic! So all the food just wipes right off!! Just throw it under water, wipe it with a clorox wipe, and reuse it in the morning!!
His belly is getting big!! See his rolls in his legs?!
An action shot!!
John David loves sweet potatoes!!!

We could have done this a little neater, but he was just so cute being messy:-)!!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Looks like John David is really enjoying those sweet potatoes! His face says it all!

Love yall - Amy Cranston

Adam and Nat said...

I love his hair growing in. It looks so cute.