Thursday, September 07, 2006

A Foot of Hair!!

I've never never had a real hair CUT!!! Until NOW!!!
I had 12 INCHES - THAT'S AN ENTIRE FOOT!!! cut off for Locks of Love today!
The locks of love program is awesome~ my hair will go to financially disadvantaged kids that have a medical condition causing hair loss. There's pictures of the kids without hair and then with their hair on the website!
You can go to to learn more about the donation!!

It's really really really short for me!! I wish I had a better picture of it down, but for some reason they wouldn't download right, so I'll put up some more for you later, mama and daddy, so you can see it down!

Something funny- I surprised David with it....walked up at his church softball game with short hair!!! His face was priceless!

My hair grows so quickly, my hair stylist said I may be able to do it again next year!!

I think John David likes it!


Amy Cranston said...

I just love it! You look so much older!

Adam and Nat said...

Whoa! Emily-you look great! I love the haircut!