Friday, October 27, 2006

Cozy'n up!

I realized the other day at the pumpkin patch when I looked around at all the other kids in their big winter coats, scarfs, and comfy beanie hats that John David needed some cozy warm clothes for fall and I went shoppin' for lots of cute stuff! There's this really cool thing called Klassy Kids (new or used clothes for discounted and sometimes very cheap prices)'s awesome...if you live in Huntsville, you'll have to check it out in the spring for their sale...some friends of ours actually started a few years back and it has really boomed.....details at ! We got him some good stuff! Some brand new! Here's just a couple of things...
His brand new coat for winter!! He thinks he's the coolest little dude ever! Just incase your wondering- we will dress him in pants to go with the coat when we go out, this was just a size test
:-)'ll have to check out his teeth in this picture too....
His new cool beanie! He has cool gloves to match too:-) Their so itsy!

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