Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Dining Room.
This is our new dining room reminds me of the first time I met David...he introduced himself to me at a high table kinda like this...Kristy, these are the chargers you gave us!
Mama, this is that little corner peice that was light blue....and then the bowl is the one that all of us made the day before our wedding!
Guess who's room this is?!!!
The guest room....this is the Gossett's old bedroom furniture....isn't that headboard cool?!
The office.....I just made those shelves and put them up! Are you proud, daddy?! I also refinished all the furniture! One persons junk is another one's treasure:-)
The Master Bedroom! That's an old egg crate for our nightstand.... Papaw Ward and I found it at an antique store...i just added the baskets! Kristy, you can see Kobe's bassinet in the left corner of the picture!

The other view of John David's room.....That's David's old baseball and glove....and that's my old dresser! I use to hide in that little door!

Well, that's our little home! Not quite like coming for a visit, but atleast you can imagine now where we live!

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Adam and Nat said...

Beautiful house Emily! Hopefully Adam and I can make it down one day!