Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

John David and Mommy are in North Carolina for Thanksgiving! We got in about noon and went home to a packed house with TONS and TONS of wonderful food! YUM!! We ate and ate and played and played and then ate again!

the Babies!
Kase (7 months...just two weeks older than John David), Karli (14 months), and John David (7 months).
The cool swing Daddy (my daddy:-) , Ryan, and Terry made for all of us! This is Kristy and I with "no hands"...we do go higher than this...:-)

Pretty high!
The Heavy Duty Pushers!

The babies and their moms....we were so heavy we barely got off the ground!
The cool "Big Kids"...Kloe and Kobe!

the sisters.....leah's sporting a sweatshirt straight from daddy's closet! !

"Hey dude!"
This is about as high as we got w/ all of us! But, the babies loved it!!


And once again...

I love this one....that's Kobe on the left and Kali on the right!

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