Saturday, November 17, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

There's nothing like being home with our two boys. John David has adjusted great! He goes around putting his arms up towards Hudson saying "Be"...the end of baby(he hasn't dared the word Hudson yet).... wanting to hold his baby brother! The Lord has blessed us so abundantly.

David and I have a bedtime routine for John David where we read, pray, and sing. We always sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children" last before we give goodnight kisses and leave. Every night as we sing, I think just how much Jesus really does love little children. The more I think about His love for my children, the more my love for them has grown. The Lord is so good to love us - His children.... Not with human love, but with a perfect love we can't even fathom. Thank you, Lord, for being this such love.
These pictures are in random order...sorry about that:-) But they're from leaving the hospital until we are Home!!

He's trying to escape w/ Hudson!!
The little run away!

Leaving the hospital...

Car is full!!
Isn't this adorable!?!

...And once again

So I had to put this one up here....Doesn't this make you laugh?! This was his outfit to wear home that I was just sure "looked so small it would have to fit!"
Getting ready to go!!
Grandma and Grandpa....We love you!!
( P.S I do know John David needed a hair brush before this picture...everyone was a bit preoccupied :-)~ )

Somehow I have to figure out how to get that paper towel machine out of this one:-)~

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Adam and Nat said...

He is a doll Emily! I love the "escapee" pictures!