Saturday, November 24, 2007

We miss you Grandma and Grandpa!!

Well, as everyone knows David and I both have amazing families who are always there to help us! Grandma and Grandpa came a long ways to be with us and help us through the first couple of days with the newest Gossett! We wanted to say thank you and that we already miss you both tons and tons!! We know that such great families are precious gifts from our Lord! We pray we won't take it for granted one single moment! We miss you both!!

*/ Thanks for sleeping in the car, Grandma and Grandpa!! Although, Daddy, I do think you are a bit of a faker in this picture:-)
That's right- all night Monday night they slept in the car to make sure they didn't miss the delivery! They said they had driven and flown too far to miss it now :-)~
John David had tons of fun with you guys too!! He tells me to tell you to come back soon:-)

I love this one!

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