Monday, April 13, 2009


North Carolina surprise!!

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!! We miss you both!!

Our own little Easter Musical!! I think I've had a headache for two days now!

Huntsville has been having some crazy weather here lately..a hail storm hit us the other day...we found some the size of golf balls!

Hudson wanted to go get the "balls" that God was given us:-)

Sunday Morning!

Little Monkeys...

Dad putting Hudson to practice a bit early:-)

Hud's favorites right now are balls, cars, and dogs! Dogs have to be at the top of the list- we hear
abt. them daily...many times a day. Almost every morning at the breakfast table he sees people walking their dogs out the window...he loves to tell them hello and goodbye.

Workin' hard!

( several of you guys have asked how far along I am- I forgot to post that on the belly pics...this picture is 34th week...Dr. estimated the first or second week of May for has snuck up on us so quickly!!)


The Blonde Renstroms said...

The boys are getting so big! Can't wait to see the FIVE of you this summer...

Treasure Hunter said...

I've got to find the picture that this reminds me's either you or Daddy. Either way, he's adorable. I love the "thumbs up" btw.

Casey Oakley said...

Love the new pics! Hudson's hair is getting long:) They're both so precious.

And just saw that Dr was estimating first or second week of May. If he comes the first week, is there any chance of you making it to the wedding??