Saturday, April 25, 2009


We all enjoyed going to watch Seth play ball this weekend! His team had a great year and made it to the 2nd round of state play offs. We had a big day full of watching and cheering them on. We really enjoyed watching Seth play- he had such a great season! My boys are going to have lots of "coaches" when they get old enough to play:-)

Part of the fan club!

J's new thing is to take some pictures himself! He was very proud of this one!

Tired little boy!

Seth did so well- we are all very proud of him!

Thought I'd throw this in too- another one of John David's masterpieces!


Treasure Hunter said...

Were you thirsty? The sides of that bottle are caving in! You and Kloe....and your water. She prided herself on chugging a whole water bottle before baseball practice the other day. Ten minutes into practice (where there are no bathrooms), I enjoyed the aftermath...holding my 60lb kid between two cars so she could relieve herself!

EmilyRenee said...

HAHA! David and I were laughing abt. that too...he said that was a picture of "true" pregnancy:-)

Good job, Kloe!! :-)