Monday, April 20, 2009

John David is THREE!!!

Here's just a collection of random pictures that I thought you may enjoy!

I remember for a time we would were this helmet, playing for hours! I would even wear it while I folded clothes, washed dishes....:-)

Kase and J!

This was one of his first kisses:-)

His first Alabama football weekend!

This was just days after he was born!

Seconds after birth!

Mommy and John David's first DATE!! We went to Bridge Street where I followed him around....there were a lot of entertainers that night out playing music and doing magic, etc...then we finished the night w/ french fries and burger at Red Robin! It was a great first date for us! This was back in October of 08...
He has been such a blessing to our family!!
We love you, John David!!

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Aubrey said...

What a sweet walk through his life so far! Happy Birthday, John David!