Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa are here!!

Yah!! G'ma and G'pa are coming!! David always laughs abt. how excited I get the day before they arrive! They rushed in from church services on Sunday night! We all stayed up late to wait on them! The boys were so excited!! (and me...can you tell?!)

Grandma and Grandpa always bring the best surprises!!

One of our "daily" walks to try to get the labor going!

Rosie's didn't work! We have gone to Rosie's w/ each pregnancy as soon as my parents arrive....the next day delivering the baby! It just didn't work this time!

Since the walks and Spicy Mexican food didn't seem to be working, we got to work in the yard...First daddy put up a new mailbox so J could get the mail from the sidewalk...

then we pulled up some flowers and weeds...
And all we have to show for it is a bunch of Poison Ivy!!! Daddy and I have it pretty bad! That's always fun:-)

Walking yet again at David's softball games....
w/ no results:-) Just tired feet!

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