Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our little Graham

Some more pictures of our newest little one!

The delivery went awesome! This was my favorite delivery so far! I got the epidural, but something didn't work as well as it did w/ the other two. It helped the pain w/ the contractions on my stomach, but once the baby started really pushing, the pain was a bit crazy! He was also face up which added pain as well. It was very different than the other two! At the time I didn't know what was going on, but it was definetely my favorite delvery experience.

Going home from the hospital!

Mom's helper!
Okay, so here's a close up of my poison ivy! This is the day before it got really bad! I was having to wear a big "patch" over this arm and the next day I had to wear another "patch" on my other arm b/c it got pretty bad as well. And then it came up on my leg too! I called the doctor and she gave me some medicine, so it's now looking better!! A good memory!

I love these pictures b/c I think we look a like! The other boys came out and my mom said they looked nothing like me. I was very excited that Graham looks like me. We'll see how long it lasts:-)

The last day before the birth!

Our last picture just the four us!


Nicole said...

Graham is absolutely beautiful! I can't believe he's rolling over! He must know he's got two older brothers already. :) We're so excited for you have the cutest little family ever!

Anonymous said...

David & Emily,

Graham is so precious. We are so excited for you guys. The video of him turning over is unreal. Ali is watching with me and sends her congrats too. He is BEAUTIFUL!!! I do agree he looks like Emily and has from day one:) (About time huh Emily?) Cant wait to see you all.

Burn family