Saturday, May 16, 2009

Four day old Graham!

My mom yelled for me and said that Graham had rolled over...I thought that was a sweet "idea" but she must have pushed him over!! Then she yelled it again! I went in and watched him roll over- all by himself- for the third time! I knew no one would believe us so we got the camera....this is the fourth time he rolled over. When David got home we showed him the video- he still didn't hardly believe it! So he took him to our bed..he rolled over again....then he put him on the fluffy bed or springs to help:-)....and he rolled over again!!


LRAQUILA said...

ABIGAIL AQUILA left this comment, not LAURA AQUILA. He's so CUTE! It's cool how he rolled over like that. Mommy says that new babies don't do that.


Rebecca Setzer Schroeder said...

Ok WOW! He is a genius! I am sure his Pop will tell that it is all Gossett...LOL He is so handsome Emily and he really does look A LOT like you! Just amazing...I love babies...hummmm, one more might be good...LOL

The Blonde Renstroms said...

WOW!! What a talented little guy!

He is so adorable - can't wait to meet him this summer. Hope you guys are adjusting well to 3!

LRAQUILA said...

This is pretty amazing!!! We just kept watching awe that he's rolling over so soon. He's so handsome!! And, we were so tickled at JD in the Ark yesterday...he was demonstrating how his new baby brother cried :)It was pretty funny to hear him imitating his brother.

Treasure Hunter said...

If he beats your record for learning to walk, I'll really be impressed :)

Em and the Fam said...

EMily, I found your blog by googling my name "Emily Gossett" The crazy thing is that my brother's name is David, and I have two more younger brothers. So when I saw the blog called David, Emily, and the little Gossett boys" I thought it was about my family! Hahaha!

We are a family of believers, too.

Our Gossett family is from Georgia/Alabama. My grandfather, John Gossett, was one of 13 children. Wonder what the chances are that we are related in some way? We currently live in South FL.

Check out my blog

(I am married to a Hughes)

Emily Gossett Hughes