Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

These pictures are just a handful of the ones from my camera...They really do a poor job of representing the need there and how God is working. We serve such a mighty and powerful God!

Some pictures of the city...

We stayed at New Life Orphanage and School. Pastor Edmond is a Haitian national who oversees 22 schools, 11,000 students, one orphanage, and a number of churches. We were able to go class to class and share the Gospel with five of these schools. Our group was made up of 11 from our church, two ladies from Washington DC, and two men and a lady nurse from Canada.

The kids in their uniforms. Before their teachers would gather them in their classes the kids would flock to where we were. In the mornings before school I would go down under a tent and read scripture- this was such a special time b/c near the end of my quiet time the kids would be getting there and often there would be several that would come and sit with me and I would go to John 3:16 and we could read that together- before school started. I enjoyed that early morning time, loving on them.

We were able to sleep under an awning. We tried tents, but the heat in the tents were unbearable. A man in our group slept by us as our guard.

Precious little Melisa.

One of the girls took this while we were hanging out in their room one day. We were drawing pictures when this pic was taken.

The girls really enjoyed making friendship bracelets. We made Melisa a tiny little anklet.

Tasania, Tamara, Sondra, and the nurse with our group from Canada, Patty.

This specific chalkboard had not been used since the earthquake, January 12th. You can see the date at the top. They were afraid to go inside of this specific room b/c of the damage done. This is where we actually stayed...we set up tents inside of this set of classrooms, but ended up outside where the heat was a bit more tolerable.

Precious Tasania.

Melisa. This is where we sat around her bed and would sing to her, touch her, pray for her, read scripture.

I cut up the towel I had brought and we were able to use them as rags to try to keep her cooled as much as possible. I have never seen our towels look more beautiful.

Every once in a while the baby's mom, Willka, would get really upset. It would happen mostly when Melisa's fever would go up and she felt really hot to the touch. We would stop and pray each time the mother would get this upset. The mom couldn't even look at Melisa at this moment. Melisa has been sick since April. This young mom was widowed by the earthquake and now losing her little girl. It was such a joy to put our arms around her, pray with her, and just be with her. She wanted us just to be there. It didn't matter we couldn't communicate well, it was just our presence- or really His presence.

This was a small battery operated fan that one of the girls from our group had brought. The batteries lasted the whole week! You can tell how small she is beside the fan. She is two yrs. old.

Precious Tasania.

The day before we left, the nurse and I stayed behind and spent the day with Melisa and the girls in that little upper room. I was able to hold her and sing to her while I looked out that window there in the background.

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