Friday, June 11, 2010


All packed and ready to go to Haiti!! I leave today, with a group from our church, to go to Atlanta and will fly out to Miami in the morning. We should then arrive in Haiti on Saturday evening, June 12. We will be working at New Life Orphanage with Pastor John Edmond, a Haitian national. His son will be with our team as we will be distributing food, loving on kids, and doing some cleanup and construction. We will be arriving back in the states on the 18th of June. It's just me this time, so David will be staying behind with the boys.

God has given me such a fresh sense of the significance of Jesus Christ. He continues to show me just how much I really am completely dependent on the work of Christ on the cross. (Even in my acceptance of His work, I am still completely dependent on Him.) The Lamb soaking up God's wrath for me. I am so woefully inadequate to get to God myself. But Christ has made it possible, all because God really does love me- and the world. That's what life's all about. This ministry of reconciliation. That God has reconciled me to Himself and now He send us out to reconcile others to Him. All because of the God-man, Jesus Christ. The King on a mission to rescue His bride. He's already done His work and now He sends us out as His ambassadors. What a joy! Please pray for us as we become a very small part of the King's rescue plan in Haiti. B/c of Him, in Him, and for Him.

Is. 58

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Christy said...

Wow, Emily! What a life-changing trip. I can not even imagine what a difference you were able to make in those sweet little girls lives and I'm sure the difference they made in yours is great too.