Monday, December 21, 2009

From Alabama to Snowy North Carolina!!

Surprise! New pictures!
Hope you enjoy the browse!

We had our Christmas Morning the day before we left for NC...while Graham was still sleeping...

His first encyclopedia:-)

Let me introduce you to "SPOT" the newest member of the fam.... Hudson loves his Spot already...Spot moves, barks, and shakes his little tail:-)....and yes, this is the closest we will be getting to a pet any time soon!!

They got lots of fun goodies!! They were so excited!! This age is awesome:-)

Hud snuck away under the table to chew all of his gum.....yes, all!

we left at five in the morning on Saturday to go to

We are having so so so much fun!!!! It's the best snow for sledding!

Showing off all of our cool boots:-)

This one is totally for you, Eddie!

Almost all of us. This was the last night with the worship leader at my dad's church. He truly became part of the family. He's the one in the middle. "We love you, Eddie!"

We're having loads of fun and are excited about the rest of the week here in NC!!


Nicole said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time in NC! glad you could spend Christmas with your family! Could you send or message me your new address? Our Christmas cards have turned into New Years cards. :)

Nicole said...

Nicole Coyle, btw. :)