Monday, December 07, 2009

Fall is gone....

As I have noticed...Fall is gone....and I haven't posted, if I posted all the pics and all the things we did this Fall- I would be on the computer for hours...and of course, I probably have .5 seconds before there's a baby crying, a boy jumping off the roof (okay- so a little bit of an exaggeration), or the clothes in the dryer getting more and more wrinkled b/c I heard the beep but am ignoring it (but seriously- when was the last time I actually was concerned about wrinkled clothes??)....but, I have gotten several requests for new pics of our little w/o waisting any more's just a little bit of what has gone on this fall...probably in all kinds of random order:-)

Graham is 7 months!

The Crew

We went to visit G'ma and G'pa and all the rest of the Crew!! We had such a great time!!!

Hudson's first Two Year Old Party!!

Hudson's second Two Year Old Party!!

Hudson's third Two Year Old party!
(Yes, they did just get out of the came home w/ it and we couldn't wait:-) We were all super excited!!)
You can see part of the newly finished basement!!

I love his expression! He was so super excited! It shoots the balls up so we can hit them...pretty cool! John David has now tried to shoot all kinds of animals up in the air...oh boy....

J and Hud...John David is such a goof- he was making this face on purpose...He insisted that's what his eyes did when he smiled....what are we going to do?!! :-)

Aunt Kristy and Hudson! I love this!

We love Kase!

This is at G'ma and G'pa's can see J and Kase at the head of the "castle"...watching a movie...they are big buddies...

Grandma and Grandpa also got to come down for a couple of days!! The boys thought G'pa was super cool when he climbed the tree! I think G'pa enjoyed it too:-)

Thank you for the tire swing, Grandpa!!
Psss....Grandma and Grandpa...we want you to come back soon!!
Fast....John David says "Super Fast" ...and I must agree:-)

John David is our new photographer now...
A morning in the life of....

three little boys...

..and one girl

October fun...

The lion!!

The Fighter Pilot...caught w/ candy all over his face!!

Well, I got some pictures up....and I've just been invited to dance w/ a very handsome two year I gotta go!!


The Blonde Renstroms said...

Love the new pictures! Is Graham seriously 7 months?!

Natalie said...

Yes, I love the new pictures but I think a post needs to be dedicated to the new basement!!