Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Looking Out...

I love the fall season…everything was so beautiful! This tree is in our backyard…David at one time wanted to cut it down…he now has some sense knocked into him:-) haha! My dad put up that tire swing...we have loved it! But isn’t this tree just beautiful? I can’t seem to kick the thought of the beauty of this tree. I wonder if that’s what God wants to do w/ us….He probably doesn’t want to turn us into trees….but let me explain…A I was thinking about the insane amount of beauty this tree has been given I couldn’t help but to think of what God wants for us. Christ has been showing me so much in my life that he wants to purge. The phrase, “the perfect heart” keeps coming to mind. Having my heart at a place where it has no will of its own. The story of Jesus at the mount of olives…His sweating like blood and the way he rolled up his human will for the Father’s will. Aren’t we so thankful He did? The rolling away of His own will and the following of the Father’s will is much more beautiful than this tree. But it helps me imagine it. So many times we settle for so little. We settle for the things of this world. We follow the world’s ways, thoughts, traditions…and we miss the beauty of a life solely dependent of God. What if we threw everything off and solely, passionately, w/ one eye, one Master…passionately and diligently pursued God? That tree in our backyard isn’t pursuing anything of its own desires. It’s being created by the Creator. I was thinking one evening about how much we like to “create”. It has become quite an obsession…we want to create. Create a house, create beauty, create a business, create, create, create…what if we were more obsessed w/ being created…of course it’s wonderful to create…God made us in His image, I think it’s a God given flair to want to create….but what if the desire ‘to create’ faded in relation to the desire to be created- b/c of our love and trust in The Master Creator… I love to sit at our kitchen window…I sometimes am just captivated by the beauty of the backyard…okay, so there’s no mountains or water…you really can’t even see much of a sunrise b/c of all the trees….but still, it’s beautiful. The colors, the shapes, the creativity, the beauty…then as I look around my house my eyes always gravitate towards outside. We have a beautiful home, but nothing compared to the beauty of the creation outside. It was only “loss” to look around me, around the house b/c the beauty outside was so much better. Not just different, but better. No comparison. Why do we too many times settle for just looking around us at the “décor”. Why do we live life like this so many times…we settle for what we can see w/ our own eyes, but God is whispering that there’s so much more. Where does our time go? What about our money? Our talents and gifts?... Why do we settle for so little? The beauty that God wants to create w/ our lives…I know it’s far greater than the beauty of that tree….the earths just His footstool. How I’ve realized lately just how much I am like Lot. Living in a sinful world…the world has crept in. May He continue to purge and transform such an ugly sinful flesh! How Thankful I am for the Power God gives us in the Holy Spirit. We have all we need for all Godliness….crazy, huh?!

I wonder if Christ is whispering…”I want you to love me above all else. When you have a relationship w/ me, you have everything. You don’t always have to “do”, to “create” …Let me do the creating…you just love me…I am pursuing you”

“To be loved by God is the highest relationship, the greatest achievement, and the noblest position in life.” –Experiencing God

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sarah said...

thanks for writing this! i really needed it. your love for the Lord is contagious :)!