Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wow! It's been a long time since I've been on this thing...We are still alive and kickin', don't worry! The sad thing is I really don't have many good, fun pictures to put up! Here's the reason: Our life has changed! Yep, that's right...totally you ask?! Well, John David is not only walking, but practically running. So what does that have to do with pictures?! I only have two hands and two feet. I can't run after him, catch him, and take a picture all while holding our things and doing whatever it is we are that's why there hasn't been pictures in a while. I will take some more soon, I'm sure....and when I do...I'll post them! But for now, You're just stuck with this one measly picture of John David in pants way too small for him! We laughed and laughed when we put these on the little guy....the sad thing is we continue for him to wear these and many like them....I just figure why buy him new ones when he will outgrow them in a week or maybe even a why change something that just makes mom and dad laugh?! No harm in a little laughter, right?! :-) Anyways....maybe you'll get a kick out of this pic as much as we did! Enjoy!

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Aubrey said...

I am just glad to see a kid in pants...we are potty training around here, and pants just get in the way. Besides, just goes to show, John David looks adorable in anything!