Saturday, May 26, 2007

Two year Anniversary!

"I fall down to my knees and pray that my love would be

worthy of the One who gave His life so our love could be."

David and I celebrating our two year anniversary!
We went to a yummy, fancy steak worked out well, David got great food and I got to dress up :-)~ the way, mom and dad, that is a sparkling water bottle on the table:-)

You may wonder why I took a picture of the water....well this is just a little fun tidbit....when you go to a fancy restaurant, don't get the sparkling, it costs a chunk of change(we didn't know) and two, it was pretty tasted like old, hot, watered down sprite:-)! Just our opinion:-) So, anyways....the reason for the picture was that we paid for the water and wanted to get our money's since the taste was a bit dull for us, we took a picture.....atleast it was pretty!

We went for a walk in this park the night we got engaged!

David thinks he's quite the stud.....some things never change!

The night David proposed he took me by this beautiful weeping willow. It was just like in the picture...ducks everywhere and the weather was gorgeous... By the way he was acting I thought surely he was going to ask me to marry me him here.....well, he didn't...he tricked me! But, I still love this tree! It's a pretty little place!
Then we went home, snuggled on the couch, and watched our wedding video!

My husband is so wonderful. God has greatly blessed....and if I must say so myself, David's pretty blessed himself:-) hah!

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Christina said...

Emily~You and David have such a beautiful marriage! I can tell The Holy Spirit is living strong in both of you.