Monday, April 30, 2007

Good News....

David and I went to the Doctor this week to check on our "littlest" was great news! In the Doctor's words, "I think this one is gonna stick!" Isn't God good!?! She said that almost everything looked good and healthy. There was one little thing that we have to keep in check...she said I shouldn't exercise or be too strenuous...just walking for a while. But besides that, everything was on the right track! Thank you guys for all your prayers! We'll keep you updated!

John David also had his one year check up this past week. His reports were all good as well! He is 90% in weight, 90% in head circumference (I'm not sure why they check that), and 95% in height. So, in other words...he's a big ole boy! The Doctor said that the only bad thing was that he was going to be expensive...expensive to feed, expensive to keep changing his growing shoe size, and expensive to buy his hats in the grown up section instead of the baby section:-)~ I guess he's worth it;-) He's such a joy! I think I am even more excited about this little baby inside me because now I truly know what a joy it is to be a mom. What a blessing.


Christy said...

Congratulations ya'll! Can't wait to see you this summer!

Anonymous said...

And truly you are a wonderful mom! It is so much fun watching your love for David & JDP! I heard you are off to the Pet Shop to show JDP some pets today! Just leave them there!

Happy Mommies Day!