Friday, November 26, 2010

Hudson is THREE!!

Hudson turned three on the 13th!! He is such a blessing to us. He teaches me so much about simply enjoying life. His smile and sweet hugs are one of the sweetest blessings.

This year we "partied with Chuck E" at Chuck E Cheese! We had fun!

My camera was a bit "fuzzy" was on a wierd setting so we didn't get great pics....but there was a few that turned out...

Kent and J

Hut in the "ticket blaster". It was so sweet, he trusted us the whole time, putting on the goggles, stepping into the machine, but it only lasted a second or two once the tickets started flying around....and he was done!!

So Greg saved the day and got the birthday boy more than 500 tickets:-)

Not too great of pictures, but we had a great time!


One of the boys' favorite things is getting packages in the mail from Grandpa and Grandma!! They get so excited! He loved his present!

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